2017 Initiatives

Your experience of your own Self has always been our focus.  We make that even easier and more accessible through our 2017 Initiatives, from expanding our scholarship programs so you can come to us all the way to us coming to you.  See the many new services and programs we are implementing for you this year.

  • Scholarships Expanded to Housing & MealsOur always generous scholarships are now even more supportive.  New in 2017, your scholarship award applies to both your tuition as well as your housing and meals.  This is available with both types of scholarships:

Need-Based scholarships, with financial disclosure included in your application

Expanded Scholarships, for teachers with 30 or more weekly students, no financial disclosure needed.

Click here to learn more and to apply.  This giant increase in scholarships is possible because of the generous support of Svaroopis in our 2015-2016 Lokananda Capital Campaign.  Thank you again to everyone who contributed. 

  • Yoga Mandali  — Mandali means yoga circle or yoga community.  Swami Nirmalananda says, “A yoga community is naturally made up of concentric circles, like people at a beach bonfire.  Those closest to the fire are the warmest, while those farther away are getting a little cold.  Each person chooses their proximity, but the best is when someone in an inner ring invites you to come closer.”   Our Initiative has two arms, like the two arms needed to hug someone:

Local Mandalis:  Supporting SATYA members in creating their own local mandalis through monthly community development programs

Mandali Travels:  Our stellar faculty comes to you, presenting free programs and short workshops for teachers and hosts everywhere.  Turn on Javascript! to invite us to come to you.

  • Inspiring Teachers —  The latest research on yoga in the USA has found that, for every yoga teacher, there are two students who are interested in becoming teachers.  We are unveiling a new feature in our communications, honoring the inspiring teachers whose students are taking Yoga Teacher Training.  We have also created a Recommendation Brochure to make it easier for teachers to recommend a student to Teacher Training, with a coupon providing a discount for taking the Foundations course at Lokananda.  Ask your teacher for a personalized recommendation.
  • Yoga Holy Days — we now have the full year calendar of special days and events online for you.  These are the traditional celebrations and events in yoga and in our lineage, important days energetically as well as by their historical and relational meaning.  In our Program Calendar, click on the "Holy Days" button so you plan ahead to join us at our special events or do your own celebration.  More detail will be added as we move through the year!
  • Substantive Communications —  For the last two years, we've consolidated communications so you get fewer messages in your inbox.  Now we're making sure that they are more substantive and meaningful for you.  In 2017, we’ve added these changes:

    • SATYA emails:  your contemplation email and Q&A/E-Letter are simplifed — only the quick links to your publications, no articles.  Now one monthly SATYA email will provide news and updates, along with informative and entertaining articles from our writers’ seva team.
    • Community emails:  informative articles and teachings are now included in your monthly spotlight email (recommending specific programs for you) and INSIDE Yoga (with community news and updates)
    • Tadaa! — our ezine has fulfilled its purpose, bringing all the Svaroopa® Sciences under the sacred umbrella of the Ashram and will no longer be published. The fantasitc articles by our writers’ seva team will not be lost, but simply published in a new format.  You'll see them in our community and SATYA emails as well as our blogs, continuing the uplifting and inspiring stories we’ve been enjoying for years.
    • Blogs — “Follow” us to get the latest!  The Ashram blog focuses on yogis as well as news and updates.  YogaMysticism.Today provides teachings.  New items are listed on our website home page for your ease in keeping up-to-date.
  • Expanded Meditation Teacher Training — Swami Nirmalananda has created a new Continuing Ed program, MTT TuneUp, combining at-home study with a meditation immersion, offered for the first time in 2017.
  • Online Teacher Directory — see the many and continuing improvements in our Teacher Directory, thanks to the work by Prakash Fallbaum, Board member and Technology Wizard, and his team.  They include:  formatting and display improvements completed; updates to be posted weekly; Meditation Teachers' current standing is now updated independently from yoga teacher status.
  • More Videos Coming —  We've filmed the footage and are now working on finalizing several new videos, showing how Svaroopa® Yoga makes such powerful changes in your body, mind and inner state.  Click to see our YouTube channel.

  • DYMC Name Change — Lokananda, our downtown-Downingtown building, is undergoing a name change.  We’ve streamlined our local program to focus on meditation, so we’re focusing on the “M” in our name — meditation.  This more clearly describes the programs we offer in Lokananda, plus our retreats and trainings.  When we complete the sign permitting process, we’ll be posting our new name as:

Downingtown Meditation Center

Svaroopa® Yoga Retreats & Trainings

  • Vowed Order — our 2016 Initiative prompted the unveiling of our expanded vows program, including a preparatory training now under way.  Our Vows Retreat in July 2017 gives yogis an opportunity to deepen their commitment to their spiritual lifestyle and goals.  It opens up a new focus for advanced programs as well as giving Swami Nirmalananda and opportunity to give more personal guidance and support to the most committed practitioners.   Entry levels will be offered again in 2018.
  • SATYA Member Team — We have a team of SATYA members now providing support to their fellow SATYA members, under the direction of Lydia Haas, our Program Services Coordinator.  For help with your benefits, login, membership renewal or dues, teacher directory listing or other services, contact Turn on Javascript!.  You will get a response within a day.  If it is time-sensitive, please call our office at 610.644.7555.

  • Staff Yoga & Ayurveda — our onsite administrative staff have been enjoying a biweekly Svaroopa® yoga class for years.  Under Saguna Goss’ leadership, this has expanded to a weekly class with our Trainers. Bindu (Maureen) Shortt also offers staff members introductory Ayurvedic lessons.

See our 2017 Milestones:

  • Scholarships Doubled for 2016 — this was so successful that we've now expanded our scholarships to apply to Housing & Meals, as described above.  The generosity of our community in our Capital Campaign has made this possible.
  • Teaching Tours — Swami Nirmalananda taught many free programs in 2016, and now our other faculty members are joining her in taking the Ashram on the road.  See Mandali Travels above.
  • LokanandaYoga’s Mysticism — our blog debuted, featuring four seva writers who share yoga's deepest teachings in personal and meaningful ways.
  • Lokananda Expansion — our Capital Campaign completed, most of our renovations are complete, with a few still finishing up in 2017.
  • Expanded Meditation Teacher Training — new options began in 2016 with more options in 2017.
  • DIY Weekends — in 2016 we added a 3-month phone mentoring program in between the weekends for those "Deepening.It Yourself."
  • Integrated Website — our many websites enfolded one central resource for everything “svaroopa.”  
  • Vowed Order — different levels of vows were announced and the training program began.
  • YogaMysticism.Today — our new blog began in the last few weeks of 2016, featuring a team of four Meditation Group Leaders and Sutra Teachers.