ATT 262: Yoga Therapy - Treating Pain

Learn how to treat private clients who are in pain, regardless of its cause, with profound therapeutic techniques that take you beyond your Embodyment® training. Develop your understanding of the medical profession’s approach to pain and study ancient sutras that explain the cause and treatment of pain from a yogic perspective. Gain a profound sense of confidence to bring to clients, based on this comprehensive training in how to treat pain and rapidly advance the healing process.

“If you are getting students or clients complaining about pain – TAKE THIS COURSE. You’ll get great tools, techniques, insights on how to work with them”

“Rich in helping you settle more into the nuance of the principles – is more than learning the “how tos” of teaching”



Vidyadevi (Cathy) Stillman & Kusuma (Karobi) Sachs



Prerequisites: Successful completion of the following

1.  Embodyment® Yoga Therapy Training & DTS

2.  Either YTT Level 2 (10-day) OR both YTT2  + YCT 2 (5-days each).

3.  SATYA member in current standing.

Preparation: You must have given at least 50 Embodyment® sessions in the 6 months prior to this course.

Successful completion of this course and DTS maintain your Current Standing status for Continuing Education.

Enrollment Fees include course tuition, DTS (mentoring program), materials fees, and housing & meals. Refer to specific course dates for details. 


ATT 262 DTS:

Mentoring phone calls begin after the in-person course is completed,encompassing three conference calls with your Mentor and co-mentees

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