October 19-20 2017

Festival of Lights - like Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's Eve and Fourth of July all rolled into one event!  This dark moon night is a harvest festival, honoring the Goddess, the cosmic force of generosity, the Divine Energy of Abundance.  When the One Reality (which most people call God) gives the fruits of the earth, yogis express gratitude to Her, Lakshmi - She who makes everything possible.

New clothes!  An altar full or candles - better yet, a room full of candles.  Flowers!  Food!  Festivities!  And gratitude, like is rarely spoken in our American Thanksgiving.  Chants to the Goddess always speed up and get quite ecstatic.

When events beyond our control cause unavoidable changes, locations and fees are subject to change without notice.

Svaroopa® Yoga

The Goddess

To get beyond your mind, beyond your education, beyond your programming - to see the incredible mothering of the Divine Reality..  Diwali is a great day to begin learning how.