February 26-27 2017

Location:  Ocean-front Retreat House in Cocoa Beach, Florida

This holy day is a holy night, the night of Shiva.  It is an annual event, on the new moon of February with the moon in Pisces.  It's a profoundly spiritual night, one for staying up all night in order to do extended meditation practices.  The oral tradition promises that you can become enlightened in that one night but only if you don't fall asleep during your practices.

In India and around the world, Ashrams and Temples will be open all night, with chants, stories, pujas (worship ceremonies), snacks and practices designed to keep you awake for your holy vigil.  A small group of people might choose to do an event that goes later into the night than usual, perhaps ending at  10:00 pm or midnight.  But when you consider the many poor-quality reasons you've stayed up late or all night long, it's not hard to plan a special night for yourself.


Swami Nirmalananda and teaching team



Our 2017 celebration is part of our Shiva Shaktipat Retreat from February 23-28 2017.  We will have an all-night chant, meditation and storytelling.

Prerequisites:  participating in the Shiva Shaktipat Retreat.

When events beyond our control cause unavoidable changes, locations and fees are subject to change without notice.

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To look outward for the Ultimate is to search for God, yet that all-pervasive Reality is everywhere, found most easily and most intimately within yourself, as your Self.