What About the Svaroopa® Yoga Trainings I’ve Taken?

By Swami Nirmalananda

Where Do You Fit In?  

Each YTT Level has been split into two trainings.  The therapeutics are in new courses:  Yoga Classroom Therapeutics (YCT).. You get credit for both of them for every level you’ve successfully completed both your YTT and DTS.  Click on the link to see a flow chart showing what you've got credit for and what your next steps could be.

10-day YTT Levels


New 5-day YTT trainings

New Therapeutics

Level 1 (10 days) + DTS


= YTT1 (5.5 days) + DTS plus YCT1 (5.5 days)

Level 2 (10 days) + DTS


= YTT2 (5.5 days) + DTS plus YCT2 (5.5 days)

Level 3 (10 days) + DTS


= YTT3 (7.5 days) + DTS plus YCT3 (5.5 days)

Level 4 (10 days) + DTS


= YTT4 (7.5 days) + DTS plus YCT4 (5.5 days)

Simplified.  Streamlined.  The therapeutics are now optional, plus some poses have been moved into advanced training levels. Svaroopa® yoga is still a body-friendly, accessible yoga.  Without the therapeutics, you can address the needs of 60% of the general population, far more than most athletic or gymnastic yoga styles.  To serve the 70-80% we previously aimed for, you simply take the therapeutics or become a Yoga Therapist.


Advanced Levels Are More Available

New poses and new themes are now much more accessible.  The old premise meant you had to do 4 ATT trainings on spinal decompression before you could learn advanced abs or backbends. 

Now you can learn advanced teaching protocols for abs & backbends after YTT2 and your therapeutics in YCT.  You don’t have to train in all the Specialty Levels first. 

This means advanced trainings that were previously out of reach are accessible now, even after YTT2.  You can do a more therapeutic practice or a more strenuous practice.  You get to choose what you’re going to emphasize in your teaching.

The old ATT courses are also teased apart, so you can become a Certified Yoga Therapist without having to be certified in Deeper Yoga, Pregnancy Yoga and Yoga for Your Back.  You learn the specialties only if you choose.  You are in charge! 


Credit for Prior Trainings

You get full credit for everything you’ve already completed, and you have more choices for where you want to go. Click here to see a comprehensive listing of previous trainings and what they count for now!

Review a graphic for the trainings you have completed, showing what you get credit for as well as what your next steps could be.  Click on the course below if you have already completed it:

Foundations of Svaroopa® Yoga

YTT:  Level 1, Level 2; Level 3; Level 4 (10-day trainings)

YTT 1 (5-day training), YTT 2 (5-day training), YTT 3 (7-day training), YTT 4 (7-day training)

ATT 200's:  

ATT 221:  Twists

ATT 262:  Yoga Therapy - Treating Pain

ATT 400's

ATT 402: Deeper Practice

ATT 403:  Lower Spinal Release

ATT 411:  Upper Spinal Release

ATT 412:  Gentle Yoga

ATT 463:  Yoga Therapy - Neck & Shoulders

ATT 464: Yoga Therapy - Spine, Knees & Feet

ATT 500's

ATT 522:  Beginner's Bliss Yoga

ATT 531:  Abs

ATT 532:  Backbends

ATT 541:  Forward Bends

ATT 551:  Weekend Workshop Leader

ATT 81 (also was ATT 621):  Vinyasa Teacher

Or simply phone our Enrollment Advisors at (610) 806-2119, or Turn on Javascript!.  We love to help!



Svaroopa® Yoga

Alignment with Grace

Our sophisticated methodology works with distinctly human abilities to cultivate the ultimate human experience — the knowing of your inherent Divinity. This is called freedom.  Beginning with wholeness, Svaroopa® yoga is the ultimate practice that yields the ultimate benefit.  


Tail to top, we create the inner opening, inviting Grace to reveal your Divine Self.  Svaroopa® yoga gives you the inner alignment you’ve craved all your life, the synchronizing of your individuality with your inherent Divinity.