Mystical Spine

Namas Day Workshop with Swami Nirmalananda

March 25 2017, Philadelphia PA

The mystery is hidden within, easily discovered by unkinking your spine.  Just water flows through a garden hose once you open out the kink, the bliss of your own Divine Essence arises within, tail-to-top, when you open the pathway. 

Discover the incredible power of Svaroopa® yoga by experiencing its spinal decompression — nothing you’ve ever done has prepared you for this!  Swami Nirmalananda leads you through amazing poses, leading to a profound and deep meditation that reveals the light of your own being to you.

Hosted by:  Philly Area Yoga & Namas Day

Location:  WHYY Bulding, 150 N 6th St (on Independence Mall in Philadelphia, between Race and Arch Streets), Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19106



Swami Nirmalananda



Prerequisites:  None

Time: tba

Early Enrollment:  conference info will be available soon at

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Svaroopa® Yoga

Outside & Inside: All at the Same Time 

Svaroopa® yoga works on your body and deepens your awareness simultaneously, cultivating a deepening experience of your own eternal boundless essence as Consciousness-Itself.