Radical Anatomy for Yogis

“The course did an excellent job of highlighting the body’s interconnectedness and direct relation to spinal tension.” — Anonymous

You thought you knew how your body works, but you will discover a lot when you work from the inside-out. Find your spine and decompress your vertebrae and discs, from tail to top, to get a radically different body in just a matter of hours. 

Formerly taught as "Experiential Anatomy," this is an anatomy weekend, using Svaroopa® yoga poses to turn your anatomy lessons into breakthroughs.  We build the whole training around your questions — ask about the diseases, illnesses, injuries, syndromes and other conditions that you, your loved ones or your students are facing.  You will understand the difference between the medical and yogic perspectives and know how to draw the best from both. Powerful poses and partnering clarify the anatomical principles underlying Svaroopa® yoga. You will understand your body in a whole new way.

We build a bridge of understanding for you, between the medical and yogic perspectives. Selected poses help you clarify the anatomical principles that underlie Svaroopa® yoga. You will understand the body in a whole new way.  Click here for more info in our US YTT brochure. Click here for our Australia YTT brochure. 

“Experiential Anatomy helps connect the visual with what happens in your body.” — Anonymous

“It’s great—it solidified my knowledge in anatomy and pathophysiology by taking me deeper into my body.” — Anonymous



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The Anatomy Coloring Book (provided with your materials)