Our scholarship program has over 30 years of history. This is how Svaroopa® Vidya Ashram tithes back to our own community, giving 10% of our program revenues to those who need help in order to study.  You may qualify for one of our three types of scholarships, which are available for our asana-based programs.  Click for our Scholarships FAQs.

We offer three types of scholarships, detailed below.  When you apply for a scholarship, we make the process as personal and supportive as possible, while carefully protecting your confidentiality.  Begin with a conversation with one of our Enrollment Advisors or download an application form below.

Need-Based Scholarships: Professional Trainings

Our Teacher Training programs always have students who receiving scholarship support. These awards are for those who could not otherwise afford the training. The awards are between 10–25% of the tuition, DTS and housing & meals, based on your financial need and your reasons for wanting to take the course. Your financial information and a copy of your latest income tax return are required along with your application, in order to determine need and make decisions among multiple worthy applicants. These scholarships are available for Foundations (at our training facility in PA), YTT, EYTS and ATT programs, and are awarded about 4 weeks before the program begins. Turn on Javascript! to let us know of your interest in a scholarship; an Enrollment Advisor will contact you within 24 hours.

SATYA Expanded Scholarships: Professional Trainings

We support the Svaroopa® yoga teachers who share Svaroopa® yoga most widely through these scholarships. Teachers with 30 or more students per week are eligible for our Expanded Scholarship program, with no financial information required on the application. The more you teach, the more we want to help you study! You carry Svaroopa® yoga to the next generation, so we want to help you expand your skills and deepen your expertise. These scholarships are available for YTT and ATT trainings, abd apply to your tuition, DTS and Housing & Meals.  They are awarded quarterly (June, September, December & March). Click here to download the Expanded Scholarship application.

Hosted Programs Scholarships

Wherever one of our Yogimmersions is held, we offer need-based scholarships to support yogis who would not be able to attend without help. The amount of scholarship is a percentage of the course revenue, a tithe to the community whom we serve in offering the program.

These programs are available for Weekend Workshops and on-the-road Foundations programs, and are awarded 2-3 weeks before the program begins.

  • Contact your Program Host, the local yogi sponsoring the program (listed in the program information). Click here for our calendar, to find your program and contact information.
  • Or Turn on Javascript! to let us know of your interest in a scholarship; an Enrollment Advisor will contact you within 24 hours.