Thanks to our generous donors, we have money to give away!

The many yogis who generously contributed to our spring fundraiser, “The Next Generation” make this program possible.  This Scholarship program is donor-driven, thus it is time limited, while our Need-Based and Expanded Scholarships are ongoing.  

This scholarship program supports Svaroopa® Yoga teachers-in-training, whether entering or continuing in our Yoga Teacher/Therapist Trainings or Meditation Teacher Trainings (YTT, ATT, PYT, MTT).  You are eligible for a 50% tuition scholarship for 2017-2018 trainingsat Lokananda in Downingtown PA.  

Rising Star 

You are eligible to be a Rising Star if you are 45 or younger, referred by your Svaroopa® yoga or meditation teacher, and planning to become a teacher or advance your current training level.  Rising Stars are awarded  a scholarship of 50% on tuition in 2017-2018 trainings.

You have shown dedication to the Svaroopa® Sciences by your own personal practice as well as consistent attendance of your local teacher’s classes and/or meditation programs. You may also have shown interest in the deeper teachings by taking Ashram phone courses and/or programs with Swami Nirmalananda.

Shining Star 

When the Rising Star receives their scholarship award, their referring teacher becomes a Shining Star, also eligible for a scholarship of 50% on tuition in 2017-2018 trainings.

Thus, our program honors the referring teacher, who must be a SATYA Member.  Shining Stars have inspired the next generation, by nominating a Rising Star who has been awarded a scholarship.

Donor Dollars

Our 2017 spring fundraising campaign was entitled “Inspiring Our Next Generation.” Many generous donors donated to support younger teachers in YTT, ATT, PYT and MTT. The Ashram has reserved dedicated scholarship funds, specifically for our next generation of promising teachers.  We anticipate these funds will support applicants for 2017-2018 programs, but when the funds run out, this scholarship program will end.

Apply Early

Both the Rising Star and Shining Star must apply at the same time and name each other.  Applications are due seven weeks before the training begins (or earlier).  Late applications cannot be processed.  

Awards are granted at the Course Confirmation Date, which is about one month before the course begins.  Awards are distributed on a first-come first-served basis.  You may apply up to 12 months in advance, for a program occuring within 2017-2018, but the award is not final until the Course Confirmation Date.  If scholarship funds are available at that time, you will receive the award.

The application asks for your demonstrated commitment or plan to teach Svaroopa® Yoga  and/or Svaroopa® Vidya Meditation.  Your commitment is key to the success of this program and honors the donors who have funded it.  The application has no questions about financial need because this scholarship is not based on need.  You may also qualify for a Need-Based Scholarship and/or Expanded Scholarship for the same training – simply submit applications for all of them.

Both applications are in a single document - click here.  It includes information on how you submit your completed form.  If you have any questions or need help completing the application, our Enrollment Advisors are happy to help: Turn on Javascript! or 610.806.2119.

When we receive your application, we confirm that we have received it within 24 hours.  We send it to our reviewers on the cycle noted above. You’ll receive notification about your application on scheduled dates.