The Swami Connection

February 13 2018

How do you celebrate the Night of Shiva?  Stay up all night for extended meditation practices! The February new moon offers you the opportunity to become enlightened in one night, Maha Shivaratri. That's what the oral tradition promises - but only if you don't fall asleep!

As a Shishya member benefit, Swamiji invites you to The Swami Connection where you can chant and meditate with Swami.

In India and around the world, Ashrams and Temples will be open all night.  Decide in advance and apply yourself. Set yourself a spiritual challenge. In life we challenge ourselves in so many other ways. When do you do challenge yourself on purpose?

Plan for how long you will stay up. Meet at a local studio or in your home and begin your evening by connecting with Swami. Continue after the call solo or with your group with chants, stories, pujas (worship ceremonies), snacks and practices designed to keep you awake for your holy vigil. This spiritual challenge is for the ultimate purpose of human life: to know your own Self.



Swami Nirmalananda



Prerequisites: Shishya Members Only

Time: 7:30 - 9:00 pm

When events beyond our control cause unavoidable changes, locations and fees are subject to change without notice.