Yoga in the Village

Ganeshpuri & the Tansa River Valley, Maharastra India

Ganeshpuri is a most important place. The birthplace and motherland of our lineage, it is the home as well for the burial place of both Muktananda and Nityananda.  

We are supporting two village women who teach yoga classes to the students in various local schools, bringing yoga to the children in this impoverished area.

It is such a privilege to give yoga back to the land of its origin, especially in the local schools in Ganeshpuri and the whole Tansa River valley. The native population of this region never had access to the yogic or Vedic tradition.  Like Native Americans or Australian Aborigines, they were the forgotten people, now working to find their place in mainstream society in India. To bring them the heritage of their own land is a deeply fulfilling project. 

We are partnering with Fire Mountain Ashram, which is managed by an American couple, Jeanette and Dewa Haley. They have already invested seven years of loving service for Shree Nityananda Education Trust.  

Many of you have met them during our Ganeshpuri retreats, and have seen the amazing work they are doing as well as running the Ashram. It is the hub of many ongoing projects, which include providing free household water purification systems, vocational training in sewing, gardening, and computer and business skills to help the villagers lift themselves up.

The monthly costs are approximately US$ 350.00.  We have set up a dedicated donation category for you to be able to support this charitable program, for we cannot support it without your help. We hope Svaroopis will support it on an ongoing basis.  Thank you for your generosity.