Local Mandali Programs 2017 

SATYA Marketing 

Our Mandali Program is the Ashram’s SATYA marketing initiative for 2017.  It is designed to help teachers support and expand their communities through “grassroots marketing.”  It is how most people find their way to Svaroopa® yoga, through friends and recommendations.

Swami Nirmalananda explains why she developed the Mandali program:

We are training SATYA members to create events and programs that develop community, both consciously developing relationships as well as basing relationships in Consciousness.

The reason I’ve named it “Mandali” is because a yoga community is naturally made up of concentric circles, like people at a beach bonfire. Those closest to the fire are the warmest, while those farther away are getting a little cold. Each person chooses their proximity, but the best is when someone in an inner ring invites you to come closer..

Karuna Beaver further reports, “You are the center of your local Mandali. You are the heart of your students’ circle, and your yoga circle.”

Monthly throughout 2017, your Ashram supports you in creating your own mandali in your local community.  Each month, we will send you program plans, providing “how to’s” and likely benefits.  These programs and events create community interaction, both for the attendees and for the yogis who work with you to plan and create the event. Yes, please, get your students involved! You are in it together.

Enhanced relationships lead students to share their yoga with each other, building their personal commitment, plus they want to share it with others, which brings in more students. This is also known as "word of mouth" marketing or "grassroots development."

Stay In Touch

When you host these events, please send us reports.  Email Turn on Javascript! and we'll share the news of your event - and photos, if you send them. In this way your local Mandali supports other groups and also interacts directly with the Ashram, our hub.

Upcoming Activities

October:  Halloween Party

Who says Halloween is just for youngsters?  Most of us like to dress up and pretend.  Shiva loves taking on different forms and identities.  You might even suggest that students come as their favorite Goddess or God.  Lakshmi is the Goddess of abundance.  Parvati is the Goddess of love and devotion.  Check out this website for more ideas. Get your students involved in the planning.  Let them decide on time, place and refreshments.  The more involvement they have, the more success you will have. 

November:  Saying Thank You!

And plan ahead for November.  Give your students a gratitude gift, a free CD by Swami Nirmalananda, supplied by the Ashram!  Tell us about your give-away by October 15 and we’ll send you CDs for your yogis.  Email us at Turn on Javascript! with your plan and how many students you’ll be giving your gifts to.  We’ll ask for follow-up photos, if you can.


2017 Activities Completed

January:   Just One Word

Host a New Year’s Potluck, on any day and location that works for you and your students. At the meal, have yogis write one word on a Post-it Note (either signed or anonymous), naming a personal quality they want to develop in the New Year. Post their notes on your studio wall or a little display board. You get to know your students better and they get to know each other better.  Plus they can be yogic in their approach to the New Year.

February:  “Yoga is…”

Ask students, at the end of class, complete the sentence, “Yoga is…” Saying their word or phrase out loud deepens their understanding of their yoga experience. They also bond with each other. You will naturally find some reporting on their word from the January potluck.  You may want to post their responses on the all or your display board.  Compile them and send them to your students, and to the Ashram, for us to share with everyone.

March:  Seed Sharing

As students to tell stories about their January word.  Think of January and February as soil preparation time. You gave your students the opportunity to focus their mind on their own expansion. Just as a seedling begins to sprout, now allow your students to start verbalizing their process by telling their story.

April:  Bring a Friend for Free Month

Encourage your students to share their yoga and invite a friend to join them at their class for free.  If you have lots of people who want to come, you could create one or several "Friends Yoga" Classes.  It's especially heart-warming to serve snacks afterward, or if the friends go out for tea or a meal together.  Then they talk about their yoga experience!

May:  Yoga Art Show

Host an art show. Yoga inspires creativity, so no doubt some of your students’ creative endeavors are tied to their yoga practice. Find out who paints, draws, writes, photographs, knits, quilts or does other creative things inspired through their yoga practice.  Encourage them to collect some items for display. Invite them to help you organize an event to show their works.

June: Yoga Buddies

Everyone does better when they're in it together. Encourage your students to become Yoga Buddies.  Before each class, put all the names of students who generally come to that class in a container. After Yoga Mudra, explain your Yoga Buddy program. Have students draw a name for their buddy for the month. The plan is for each student to be in contact with their Yoga Buddy outside of class, sometime during the  month. There are so many benefits!  

July:  Student Photos

Have your students take photos of themselves or of others in yoga poses outside. What about Vrkshasana (Tree Pose) next to a tree? Or Prasarita Padottanasana (Slow Motion Dive), seated on a park bench?  Smart phones have cameras, making photo-taking easy and portable. Encourage your students to email their photos to you. Celebrate your students' yoga out in the world with a wonderful photo display in your classroom. 

August:  Social Gathering

The dog days of summer (in the Northern Hemisphere) are perfect for going slow and cooling down. Get your students involved in planning your sweet summer party: location, date/time, refreshments.  This is a time for all your students to gather and meet students from your other classes – or you could even pair up with another local teacher for a bigger group.  Widen your Mandali circle to include as many as you can.  

September:  Bring a Friend for Free

Summer travels are done, kids are back in school, and schedules are settling down.  Your yoga students are filtering back into their regular classes.  Tempt them to grow their yoga connections by letting them bring friends or family to a free first class.  While their guest attends for free, your student gets the satisfaction of sharing the yoga they love.  What a sweet benefit for all.  Plan to spend some extra time before and after your classes to answer questions and to talk about everyone’s experience.  Take lots of photos and send them to Turn on Javascript!.



Svaroopa® Yoga

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While working with your body, Svaroopa® yoga opens up the full spectrum of your being.  Spiritual insights and profound healings happen without any sweat.  Slower yoga, consciously aligned and leveraged for multi-dimensional openings, means you get it all.