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Ashram Initiatives 2022

Find out about our response to the continuing challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic and the related economic challenges.  These new programs for 2022 are designed to support yogis and teachers in deepening their yoga experience and sharing it with others. 

Yogi Support:

Ashram Weekends

Your weekend getaway can be at the Ashram, participating in the daily schedule of practices for an easy way to do more yoga.

Enrollment Advisors — Ashram Teachers

Who can best advise you about the programs you are interested in?  The teachers leading the program are best qualified to help you figure out what you want.  Our teachers are joining our Enrollment Team. 

In-House COVID Testing

While we do require that all participants be fully vaccinated, CDC currently requires that a group wears masks indoors.  We are keeping a close eye on the standards, hoping that the new at-home testing technology will make it even easier for us to do more yoga together.

Apartment for Rent in Downingtown

Our retreat center has classrooms on the ground floor, with apartments above.  Each apartment has a private entrance and is completely separate from the retreat center activities.  This way you have your privacy and can easily participate in all that Downingtown Yoga & Meditation Center has to offer.

At-Home Support:

New Online Studies

Gurudevi’s recent Year-Long Programme will be published online for yogis to take in a self-paced study option.  In addition, we will be releasing some of her prior courses, especially valuable for yogis who missed one of them.  Even retaking them will open up new understandings and inner experiences.

 Integrate Teachings in Course Descriptions

Gurudevi always says that her course description is a promise of what you will experience.  Now we are integrating more of her teachings into the online description, to better present the quality of programming we offer and help you decide the best direction for your next step.

Teacher Support:

Studio Grants

Teachers who are leasing a studio may be eligible for a SATYA member grant covering their lease deposit.  Ten grants are available as of January 1 2022.  More information…

Continuing Ed Rebates

After completing an On-Site EYTS course (Enrich Your Teaching Skills), SATYA members are eligible for a tuition rebate based on their student attendance in the following four months.  Your student body growth will qualify you for up to 100% tuition rebate.  Learn more…

Marketing Training

Free classes for SATYA members in how to use social media to market your classes, this program will begin in early 2022.

Expand Mandali Travels & Mandali Zoom

One of our swamis can travel to your home or can zoom in to offer programs that promote your classes and yoga therapy sessions.  Now is the time!  Click for more...

Professional Trainings Focused on EYTS

We’re focused on your Continuing Education, through our EYTS (Enrich Your Teaching Skills) courses.  They support you in getting going again.  Your enthusiasm is contagious, building your students’ commitment to their classes and practice and attracting new students to you.  More info.

Reinvigorate GeoCenters

Our Board members are currently reaching out to each GeoCenter to see what your needs are and how we can support your group process.  Learn more.

Svaroopa® Yoga

Leading the Way

Replenish and rebuild your inner reserves through deepening your yoga in 2022.