Develop Your Teaching Skills (DTS)

"A big thank you for all you hard work overseeing the DTS program. You have a great program that puts us newbies in the best possible position to embark on our new beginning, teaching." -Paul C.

Find out how to take everything you learned back to your own students. After each of your Teacher Tainings, you continue to learn in this at-home, mentored, self-study program which prepares you to teach your classes and supports you in the process. This program is unmatched by any other Teacher Training anywhere. You are partnered with one or two other teachers-in-training at your same level of training. You and your co-mentees work with one of our highly trained mentors through email and monthly telephone conference calls.

More than 250 pages of detailed lesson planning materials teach you how to choreograph the classroom experience for your students. This is your DTS manual, supporting you in translating the material from your intensives into the actual teaching you are doing. Your mastery as a teacher grows over each DTS Module, to encompass what takes most teachers years to figure out on their own, while you learn from your co-mentees as well as from your mentor. 

Each of our YTT programs as well as Embodyment and our ATT (Advanced Teacher Training) programs include DTS. Our DTS program is another way that our YTT and ATT program s lead the way in quality teacher training