At Home with Swamiji

The Ashram's residential building was opened with great joy in September 2010. It is our home base because it is Swami Nirmalananda's home, which she shares with other committed yogis. In addition, Swamiji frequently hosts informal gatherings and social events for Ashramites, yet all our formal teachings and programs are offered at Downingtown Yoga & Meditation Center. 

Meditation Room

Swami Nirmalananda leads practices three times daily in the meditation room: early morning Guru Gita and meditation, before-lunch japa session (mantra repetition) and evening arati to Nityananda with a meditation program before bed. It contributes to a powerful energy that saturates the room and the whole building. The daily pujas and practices are what make it an Ashram, along with Swamiji's residence here.  She is delighted when she can host personal guests, who always comment on the peaceful feeling in the meditation room, strategically located in the center of the whole building.

The big chair in front is Swamiji's chair, with photos of Baba Muktananda and Bhagavan Nityananda on either side. The mound in front of her chair is the harmonium, on a table and covered with a one of Swamiji's shawls. On the left margin of this photo are chairs and blanket stacks, used by Ashram residents and guests.

In accordance with Swami Nirmalananda's tradition, every guest is treated as a Divine Incarnation, so we do a candle ceremony at the door to welcome each person. Shoes are left at the door.  Swamiji's two cats are usually in seclusion during social events, out of respect to those who might have allergies.

OM svaroopa svasvabhavah namo namah