EYTS Deceptive Flexibility 2

November 17 - 22 2020

Downingtown Yoga & Meditation Center, Downingtown PA 

Discover a new level of inner opening with new poses that stabilize your hyperflexible joints.  Learn variations that make you able to effectively use your abs, legs and arms to create core opening.  Learn the practices that helped Swami Nirmalananda heal from her serious hip injury.  This deeper and more powerful practice makes fast changes in your body.  Most importantly, it opens up your experience of cosmic consciousness, as spinal decompression always does!

“Being able to identify deceptive flexibility. Seeing it in different bodies and then actually finding it a little in myself. So much great info – I feel that I will better support my students.” – Jackie Brooks

This course is beneficial for yourself as well as for students who do impressive poses but still have pain. This professional training picks up where Deceptive Flexibility 1 left off both with body and mind. Incorporating vichara into the program enables you to begin rewiring the body-mind patterns you’ve been wanting for years.







Swami Shrutananda, Swami Prajñananda, Swami Sahajananda & Gurudevi Nirmalananda



Prerequisites: successful completion of the following

1.  EYTS: Deceptive Flexibility 1 

2.  YTT Level 3

3.  SATYA member; this training resets and updates your current standing.

Preparation: none required, but it is helpful if you practice the poses we’ll be working during the two weeks before the program.  You will get that list when the course is confirmed, as a list of handouts to bring with you.

Time: first day 2:00 - 9:30 pm (less meals & recesses), middle days 6:30 am - 9:30 pm (less meals & recesses), last day 6:30 am - 12:30 pm (less meals & recesses).

Course confirmation date: November 10 2020 [We confirm the course on or before this date, when we have enough enrollments to confirm. Early rates are available until this date.]

Successful completion of this course will reinstate and extend your Current Standing status for Continuing Education. No DTS and no homework is required, thus no certification is offered.

Enrollment Fees include course tuition, materials fees and your housing and meals, with details on each below.

Tuition Rates:

 Early Tuition (on or before November 10 2020):  Members*  $1,031.00

Standard Tuition $1,241.00

Materials Fees: $25.00; Housing and Meals: $755.00 (5 nights)

Total Enrollment Fees:

Early Enrollment (on or before November 10 2020):  Members*  $1,811.00

Standard Tuition $2,021.00

Postponed H&M:  Take advantage of the Early or Standard Rate while postponing your Housing & Meals until just before your arrival.  Pay your Tuition now and your Housing & Meals 1 week before your program begins.  Contact the Enrollment Team at 610-806-2119 or Turn on Javascript!.

Course fee on enrollment:  Member early (Early rate + materials) $1,056.00; Standard $1,266.00

Housing and Meals payment:  1 week before you arrive:  $755.00

Monthly Payment Plan: First payment on enrollment $441.00 plus 10 monthly payments of $178.00, on your preauthorized credit card or bank account. Payment plan total $2,221.00.

*Memberships that qualify for the discounted early rate:  SATYA

When events beyond our control cause unavoidable changes, locations and fees are subject to change without notice.

Svaroopa® Yoga

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Your body and mind need an upgrade! Svaroopa yoga does this. First you learn to relax deeply.  Next you learn to breathe. Then you unravel core tensions and discover your own essence that awaits you — inside.  It’s all part of learning a new way to live!