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Flooding at Downingtown Yoga

By Gurudevi Nirmalananda

ALMOST DONE!. Our reopening date is still projected for Tues 9/21, as it is looking like we won't have to postpone again.  The electricians are now finished with their part.  The inspector is coming on Monday, and hopefully we pass.  Then we need PECO to replace 6 electric meters and turn on the power..  

Online programs continue with no hitch, and my Sunday and Wednesday satsangs are already available online.

We do have a new awning over our front steps.  The installation went well because the workmen brought their own battery-powered tools.  It was completed on Wednesday.  It is designed to give shade in the summer and shelter in the winter, as well as to make our entry warmer and more invitng.  We hope you like it.

It was quite a surprise that we got flooded.  The flood maps for Downingtown showed us being high and dry, even for a 100-year flood.  Well, the river crested at 22 feet over its usual height, which spread right into our front door and poured into our basement.

  • Only a little water got into our ground floor.  That is all dried, cleaned and treated to prevent mold and mildew. 
  • Basement flooding knocked out our electrical, which has turned into a major project.  We are not in a flood area, so we did not have flood insurance.

In my decades of teaching, we've been robbed, flooded and burned to the ground.  Now we've been flooded again.  Life brings events, even for Ashrams and yoga centers.

Thank you for your understanding for the delay.  Our contractors and the various inspectors are working hard to help everyone in the area.  We will let you know more when we know!

OM svaroopa svasvabhava.h namo nama.h

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