Free Japa Club

with Gurudevi Nirmalananda &
Ashram Swamis

11:45 am daily (Eastern Time)

6:30 pm daily (Eastern Time)

“I cannot treat the Coronavirus, nor help you with your increased hygiene during this time of Social Distancing.  But I can help you with your anxiety and feeling of separation.  The most powerful yogic treatment is mantra repetition, so I’ve created a Japa Club to make that available to you.” — Gurudevi Nirmalananda

This free service is available by conference phone call, each call lasting 5-10 minutes.  No reservation is needed.  Simply phone the number above, use the calling code and join in with the out loud mantra repetition.  The group leader will be audible to everyone, but all participants’ phones will be muted; no one else on the call will hear you. 

The new timngs make space for our morning Meditation Club, a subscription-based service available at 6:30 am daily.  The Japa Club is a free service, offered twice daily, at 11:45 am and 6:30 pm (Eastern Time).

You may want to continue with mantra repetition when the call is finished or turn your attention inward for meditation.  Or you may simply return to the activities of your day.  No obligation, no agenda.  You do what works for you, except everything works better after a japa session.

If mantra repetition is new to you, or if you have not yet received the initiation mantra of our lineage, click here to receive a free mantra card.


Due to heavy network traffic, please dial-in 5 minutes prior to the call time.

Phone number(s) & calling code: 

US/Canada: (425) 436-6308    Access code: 265525
Australia: +61 3 9028 0274
Denmark:  +45 93 75 41 99
United Kingdom: +44 330 088 1939

Here are some tips to help make sure you’re able to stay connected to the conference call:

  1. Download the latest version of our mobile app. We’ve built in call routing technology to help avoid phone carriers that are experiencing high congestion. In the app you can also choose to call in using wifi. We suggest trying this if you previously called in and received a busy signal. Download for iPhone or Download for Android.

  2. If you call in and receive a busy signal send a text that says “Help” to your conferences dial-in number. We will then send you backup numbers that you can use.

  3. If you have AT&T, tweet them @ATT and tell them they need to stop blocking calls to It is almost unbelievable to us, but even during this crisis they are blocking calls to competitors. For many of you who have received busy signals when dialing in, this is likely the reason why. Please tweet them and tell them that during this time it is more important than ever that we all band together.