Free Japa Club

with Gurudevi Nirmalananda &
Ashram Swamis

11:30 am & 6:30 pm daily (Eastern Time)

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“I cannot treat the Coronavirus, nor help you with your increased hygiene during this time of Social Distancing.  But I can help you with your anxiety and feeling of separation.  The most powerful yogic treatment is mantra repetition, so I’ve created a Japa Club to make that available to you.” — Gurudevi Nirmalananda

“Japa” means mantra repetition, which can be done aloud or silently.  This group japa session is available by Zoom audio, each session lasting 5-10 minutes. 

No reservation is needed.  Once you’ve received the mantra of our lineage (see below), simply connect in and join the group.  Your group leader will be audible while participants are muted; no one else on the call will hear you.

After the call, you may want to continue with mantra repetition or turn your attention inward for meditation.  Or you may simply return to the activities of your day. 

No obligation, no agenda.  You do what works for you, except everything works better after a japa session.


If mantra repetition is new to you, or if you have not yet received the initiation mantra of our lineage, you can easily get started for free with one of these hellos:

  1. Enroll in one of our free online meditation programs.
  2. Connect with one of our Turn on Javascript! for a personal intro and to receive a free mantra card. 


Online Meditation Programs

For the upcoming dates, visit our calendar.

Free Meditation Classes

It’s easy for you to get started in one of our free online meditation intros:

  • Meditation Made Easy
  • Your Missing Peace
  • Where is My Mind?
  • Meditation Home Practice
  • Mindfulness, Meditation & Me

Each one is different while they all teach the same underlying principles — how to make your meditation both deep and easy.  Enroll in one or all so we can boost your meditation capacities.

Continuing Your Studies

  • Meditation 101 — a three-week online course based in the sutras, showing you how to utilize the ancient wisdom to improve your meditation and your life.
  • Enlightenment Studies — several modules of this online series cover different topics, providing more in-depth studies and supporting your deepening inner experience. 
  • Shaktipat Retreat — a weekend immersion providing formal initiation and radical self-transformation.
  • Meditation Retreat — online and in-person formats are available for the classic 10-day meditation retreat.
  • Meditation Teacher Training — a comprehensive training that prepares you to teach new meditators.

Or talk with one of our Turn on Javascript! for more info.