I Know Something is Happening!

by Lori Kenney, based on an interview with Karobi Sachs

Karobi Sachs joins Swami Nirmalananda for the morning Guru Gita as often as she can. She finds the Sanskrit very challenging. It’s much more enjoyable to chant when she knows the verses, so she is very grateful for the online pronunciation lessons which she studies often. Generally, Karobi chants the whole verse except when she comes to long words that have not etched themselves in her brain yet. It’s possible to follow along with the words but she can’t get them out of her mouth quickly enough. Karobi says that even after chanting the Guru Gita many times, she comes to a verse and jokingly thinks, “I’ve never seen this verse before! Where did this one come from?” She sees this as a process and is not concerned about being a perfectionist.

For Karobi, Shree Guru Gita is a profound practice, one that is a true spiritual commitment. She gets up very early to drive 30 minutes to arrive for the sunrise chant which has recently changed from a 6:30 a.m. start to 5:45 a.m.!

The Guru Gita “takes an incredible amount of focus.” Karobi says, “Sometimes my mouth is doing something, but I don’t know what it’s doing.” She trusts that whatever she’s doing with the Guru Gita, whether it’s dropping in, stumbling over the words, or confidently making it through a whole verse, something is happening and it’s a beautiful and powerful spiritual practice.