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Local Mandali Programs help teachers support and expand their communities through “grassroots marketing.”  This is how most people find their way to Svaroopa® yoga, through friends and recommendations.

By creating these programs for your students, you build their relationships with each other as well as deepen their understanding of what their yoga means to them.

2019 Local Mandali Events

January — Embody a Yogic Quality

At the end of class, ask your students to reflect on changes they have gotten from yoga, including in their body, their attitudes, temperament and behavior. Give them a blank card to write two words on:

PAST:  “What one word (or short phrase) would summarize what you've gotten from yoga?” 

FUTURE:  “What word (or short phrase) would you like to select as a theme for your new year?”

Posting the cards in your studio supports them in contemplating these qualities and deepening into them throughout the year. Or you can put them on a board or poster that you take to the different locations where you teach.

February — Send Valentines to Swamiji

What a blessing to have Swami Nirmalananda at the heart of our Mandali Programs! Last year, she heard from several teachers who wished they’d sent in student valentines, while other teachers expressed the delight they had in sending the cards. So we’re doing it again!

Express your appreciation for Svaroopa® yoga by sending her gratitude wishes on Valentine’s Day.  Buy a package of kids’ Valentines and have your students sign them, writing their answer to:

“What Svaroopa® yoga means to me.”

Package and send them all to Swamiji. She will post a photo on Facebook with all the Valentines. Mail by February 10 to: Swami Nirmalananda Saraswati, 1400 Hampton Drive, Downingtown PA 19335 USA.

March — The Yoga of Serving Others

Create a service project for your students to give back your community or to your yoga center. After class, brainstorm ideas with your students and choose a project they are enthusiastic about. Have some suggestions available for them as well, like:

  • Create a Kindness Week, where they do intentional acts of kindness, such as opening the door for others, silently sending someone a blessing, assisting fellow shoppers with their groceries, cooking a meal for a neighbor or someone at work
  • Reach out to a local school and see if there are some supplies that students need, then ask yogis to buy them and create a “Care Package” to deliver.
  • Visit and read to residents of an adult home or nursing home.
  • Have a fun time washing the yoga studio blankets together. A trip to a laundromat can be great fun and get a lot done in a short time!

April — Cookies & Friends

At the end of class, ask your students to think about a friend who is “especially sweet” to them. Then give each student “cut-and-bake” cookie dough along with Free Class coupons. Your students bake the cookies, then give cookie and coupons to their friends, inviting them to a yoga class.

Not only does their friend get a sweet treat, they get the sweet gift of yoga! When their friend brings in the coupon, introduce the new student to everyone and share the name of who sent them. Write the name of the giver on the coupon and post it in your studio. And remember to thank them!

May — Words of Empowerment

Create a Yogi Tea Time and invite your students to share about the word they chose in January, a quality to deepen throughout the year. 

They may share their growing understanding of the quality they’re cultivating, or they may even choose to pick a new quality.  Have cards available for new students to choose a quality and post it on the board. .

June — My Yoga Space at Home

Invite students to add a yogic item to their home décor, expressing and supporting what they get from their yoga.

They can post a photo of themselves in their favorite pose or Shavasana, or a picture from a magazine or website. They could purchase something from your yoga shop or an online shop, to add to their home.

Also ask if they have a yoga room or a special corner or space as their own dedicated yoga space; let them inspire each other. Have them share photos of their home yoga space, which you can post on your classroom bulletin board or a webpage. 

July  — You-jjayi:  Every minute counts!

Have your students keep track of the number of minutes of Ujjayi Pranayama that they do at home and post them on a weekly chart at their yoga class.  Keep adding up the total to inspire everyone!   At the end of the month, send in the name of the yogi with the highest number of minutes, along with a photo of your chart. 

The Svaroopi with the highest total wins a FREE DYY Weekend at the Ashram in August 2019, covering their tuition, housing & meals (transportation is not included).   You might also offer a free class or yoga therapy session to your local winner.

August — Yoga Feeds You

Help your students understand the lifestyle changes that spontaneously occur from their yoga.  Healthy foods and eating vegetarian is one of those improvements.  Invite your students to bring a new or favorite “healthy eating” recipe to share.  Better yet, have them bring a sample of their recipe and have a pot luck afterwards!.  

September — Share Your Favorite Pose

At the end of class, have your students take pictures of each other in their favorite poses.  They can put a word to their experience while in the pose.  Ask them to share their picture and experience with a friend whom they could invite to class.  Their friend can attend a class for free if they bring the picture with them, printed out or on their phone.  Print and post the picture they bring in, along with the name of the pose and the students who brought their friend in.

October — Inspiring Quotes

Tell your students to bring in favorite quotes, from Swami Nirmalananda, another yogi, saint or inspired leader.  To honor all traditions, remind them to bring in non-sectarian (non-religious) quotes.  Ask them to share their quotes at the end of class and post them on a board for the month.  

November — Cultivating Gratitude

Create a Thankfulness Jar.  At the end of each November class, have paper and pens available.  Ask your students to write why they are grateful for their yoga practice and put it in a big jar.  Let them know these statements will be shared with others in the community and the Ashram.  You can randomly pick a statement at the end of each class to read.  In December, post these statements in your studio.  Type them up and email them to the Ashram for posting on their website and quoting in their emails.  [Send to Turn on Javascript!].

December — How Am I?

Ask your students to ponder what they got from their yoga in 2019 and where they want to go in 2020.  Have they noticed internal shifts, spiritual growth or changes in their body and mind?  Give them a few minutes after class to journal, providing paper and pen, so they can reflect on their 2019 yoga life.  This is their own personal journaling for only them to view.   You might also serve chai tea and finger foods, giving them time to share on their reflections.

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