March 11 2021

On the dark of the moon in March is MahaShivaratri, the Night of Shiva.  This night offers you the chance of a lifetime. You can become enlightened in that one night. Simply stay up all night for extended meditation practices and don't fall asleep!

Plan now. In a cold climate, hunker down in your yoga cave; if your weather is warm, you may want to be outside. Plan for your all-night practices, including recesses during the night with healthy treats. Chant, meditate, read the ancient teaching stories about Shiva.  Do poses, both to keep awake as well as to make your sitting for meditation better.  Then meditate again.  Repeat until sunup — or until as long as you have planned. Decide in advance and apply yourself.

Even if you are practicing solo, you will be in good company.  In India and around the world, Ashrams and Temples will be open all night. In life, we challenge ourselves in so many other ways. When do you challenge yourself on purpose? This spiritual challenge is for the ultimate purpose of human life: to know your own Self.

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To look outward for the Ultimate is to search for God, yet that all-pervasive Reality is everywhere, found most easily and most intimately within yourself, as your Self.