MTT:  Sutras & Meditation with DTS 

December 7 2020 - February 15 2021 (weekly)

Online via Zoom 

Once you complete the Sutras & Meditation online retreat from Dec 7 through Dec 15, you move into DTS (Develop Your Teaching Skills).  Your DTS is what turns your at-home retreat into a Meditation Teacher Training. 

Your sutra study has prepared you to deepen the teachings you give your students.  The Sutras & Meditation Retreat was specifically for that purpose.  Now develop your skills in presenting the teachings effectively with DTS mentoring.  You’ve benefitted from such mentoring in your prior training, so you know how much you get from it.  More importantly, your students benefit from you polishing the gem of your teaching skills.

Videos of Gurudevi’s sutra teachings are available before each DTS call, giving you a full week to review her teachings while you’re preparing a short discourse.  In the call, you give your talklet to your fellow mentees and Mentor, getting feedback from all.  In return, you hear their discourses and offer feedback, a learning process that supports you as much as them.

The value of these teachings is found in your growing understanding of Consciousness.  This inner deepening gives you progressive mastery over life, opening your heart as well as your mind.  And it enhances your ability to guide others in the process.


Swami Shrutananda
Swami Samvidaananda
Cayla (Mangala) Allen






Prerequisites: Sutras & Meditation Retreat, Svaroopa® Vidya Meditation Teacher, SATYA Member

Continuing Education Credit:  Successful completion this DTS program renews or reinstates your Current Standing as a Meditation Teacher. 

Course Confirmation Date:  December 1 2020.  [We confirm the course on or before this date, when we have enough enrollments to confirm. Early rates are available until this date.]

Location:  Online via Zoom. 

Timings: all times are Eastern Time

First you complete the Sutras & Meditation Retreat:  12/7-12/15 [click for details]

Your DTS begins Wednesday 12/16:  6:30-8:30 pm ET

Sutra Teachings Video availabile from 12/17-12/28, the recording of Gurudevi's teaching from the Sutras & Meditation Course of December 7.

Eight Mondays from 6:30-9:30 pm ET  on 12/28, 1/4/2021, 1/11, 1/18, 1/25, 2/1, 2/8 & 2/15.

Each week will have a new Sutra Teachings Video available. 

DTS Tuition: $261.00 USD

When events beyond our control cause unavoidable changes, locations and fees are subject to change without notice.

Svaroopa® Yoga

Purposeful Practice

All of our practices are doorways to the Self.  They lift you out of your suffering and reveal the blissful ocean of consciousness within. This is the purpose for which you were born.