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Muktananda's Shaktipat Anniversary

August 15 2021

He was a great yogi already, after 25 years of study, practice and pilgrimage.  Honored by many, He knew He was incomplete and continued to seek the One who could give Him the highest.   He found that One in Ganeshpuri - Nityananda.

Muktananda became the perfect disciple, hiding his own attainments, sitting quietly in the back, focused only on Nityananda.  And after many months, Nityananda gave Muktananda Shaktipat.

An auspicious day, when India gained its independence from England, truly a day of freedom as promised in Muktananda's name - ananda = the bliss, mukta = of freedom.  But Nityananda's gift was much greater, spiritual freedom, the Ultimate Attainment, given in an instant:  MahaShaktipat Diksha.

BLOG with more info:

What a Day! by Swami Nirmalananda

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The Bliss of Freedom

Muktananda did not know the promise held in His own name, not until Nityananda gave the gift of MahaShaktipat Diksha.