Muktananda's MahaSamadhi

October 2 2020

"You only think He left; a Great Being never leaves for there is nowhere for Him to go.  Always absorbed in the absolute, He simply merged into the absolute, absolutely.  He is as close as your breath - nay, closer!  He is your own Self." - Swami Nirmalananda

When a baby is born, we celebrate, but we don't know what he or she may make of their life.  But at the end of their life, we can see who they have become.  In yoga, we celebrate the life of a Great Being on the anniversary of their departure.

October 2 1982 was a full moon, an auspicious day to go.  We celebrate both the solar (October 2 2020) and lunar (October 1 2020) anniversaries.


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Svaroopa® Yoga

He Radiated Consciousness

Muktananda did not have to work at it, He simply shone.  Nityananda made sure of that!