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Nirmalananda's Shaktipat Anniversary

May 31

MahaShaktipat is the ultimate gift, the initiation into Knowingness and Beingness.  Gurudevi Nirmalananda celebrates this day as her birth into her Self, more important than the day on which she was born into this world.  She takes this opportunity to share the depth of her heart and the wealth of what she has received from her Guru.

"How can I begin to express my gratitude for His gift.  He gave me to me."

She describes it this way:

In 1976 I received the greatest blessing that a human being can receive - I received Shaktipat from my Guru. I was opened by his grace, progressively more and more as I figured out how to be in relationship with Him. I have pursued this opening with full attention, and I am honored to be able to share the same gift with you.

You may think that this celebration is about me but for me, it's about Baba. It's about grace. It's about God. It's about Self, the one Self, the one Self that is being me, that is being you, and that incarnated in my Guru's divine form. Jai Muktananda!

I have always honored this day as the day I was born, truly born into life. I wasn't merely born into the knowing of my own divine essence, but I was born into being alive in this human body. Because of grace, I embrace and accept being alive as an individual human being, in this body, with this life. Baba gave me my Self, and he gave me my self. I give my life to Him in undying gratitude. You may think that I am serving you, but truly everything I do is to serve Him.

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The Guru

Who can explain the Guru?  Who can understand one who gives so much, so freely?  I owe my life and all that I am to that One who goes by the name Muktananda. - Swami Nirmalananda