Nityananda's Punyatithi

July 17 2020

The departure of a Great Being is an opening between the dimensions, another gift of Grace revealing your own svaroopa to yourself.  While Nityananda left in 1961, twelve days after Guru Purnima, His was not a death but the ultimate absorption into Consciousness that makes Him as available today as ever.  Especially on this anniversary, His presence and blessing is tangible and easy to receive.

In His temple in Ganeshpuri, the gates are opened so that everyone who comes can offer their gifts, touch his murti (statue) and place their head on his knee or foot.  People stream through all day long, just as they came to Him when He was alive.

Today is the day to chant Nityananda's name, to read stories about Him and to meditate on Him and the gifts He gave.

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"The world beats a path to your door, even after you have left the world.   That's because you give the greatest gift of all, the Knowing of Self." - Swami Nirmalananda