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Everything we do is designed to give you an experience of svaroopa — your own divine essence. The possibilities available through Svaroopa® yoga are endless. Whether you wish to do more yoga, dive deeper into meditation, or teach yoga classes, all pathways lead to a deeper understanding of your Self. Your journey to Self-discovery awaits — explore a path below.


Deep and easy.  We specialize in easy access to the innermost depths of the Consciousness-That-You-Are.  This is possible because of our Master Teacher, due to her studies with her teacher as well as her initiation and authorization as a teacher in a lineage of Masters.

If you want to meditate, meditate with a Master.  Experience Svaroopa® Vidya, the meditation that gives you your own Self.  She leads free meditation programs three times weekly at Downingtown Yoga & Meditation Center (unless she's teaching out of town).  Regular meditation courses and weekend retreats are available - click for upcoming dates

Svaroopa® Yoga

Discover the healing and bliss that yoga promises in our classes.  A slower-paced yoga, utilizing props that meet your body where its at, makes yoga accessible to everyone.  Bring your aches and pains with you!  You'll experience the difference in your first class.  It's easy to tell the difference when you feel so much better - and without the sweat!  This style of yoga is suitable for anybody and every body. Learn more.

Teacher Training

We train yoga teachers and meditation teachers, as well as yoga therapists.  Thousands of graduates carry Svaroopa® Yoga & Meditation around the globe due to our 30+ years of offering professional trainings.  Explore our many options for developing skills that will contribute to making the world what you want it to be.  

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