ONLINE Current Standing Package

Discounted Enrollment for 6 Online

Pose Clinics & Teaching Review

Take a discount on a series of six Online Pose Clinics plus your video Teaching Review, so you can renew or reinstate your Current Standing.

Online Pose Clinics

Each Pose Clinic includes three poses.  By taking the six Pose Clinics for YTT Level 1 poses, you do a complete review of all of these important poses.  By combining the Pose Clinics with your Teaching Review, you not only get a discount, you refine your skills so that your Teaching Review is easy for you to do.  It’s a great way to reinstate your Current Standing or renew your status.

You may do a Teaching Review at any time.  No Pose Clinics are required; they simply make the process easier for you.  Your increased mastery gives you a sense of confidence that can make the videotaping even fun!

Teaching Review

A Teaching Review is similar to when you teach in a YTT Newcomers Class, where one of our faculty observes, then gives you compliments as well as coaching.  The purpose is to help you to be more effective as a Svaroopa® Yoga Teacher, which is beneficial to your students as well as to you.  They get more benefits from their classes, inspiring them to attend more often and bring others, so your enrollment and income expand.

In a Teaching Review, we are looking at two things:

  1. what you already do well
  2. areas in which you need improvement and support. 

We list specific poses, along with their alignments and adjustments, for you to teach, depending on the levels of Teacher Training you have completed.  You send us a video where we can see both you and your students.

During the pandemic, we’ve eased the taping process for you.  Instead of requiring 2 students minimum, you can do your video with only one student, probably a relative or other dear one who is sheltering in place with you.

A Teaching Review is an easy way to get back into Current Standing or renew it. Click here to read about it from someone who has done it. 

Discounted Enrollment:


$411.00 for the package (6 Pose Clinics and 1 Teaching Review).  This is a 25% discount on your Pose Clinics and your Teaching Review. 

Pose Clinics - $51.00 each

Teaching Review - $241.00.

It's a 3-step process:

  1. Enroll, so we can confirm and send you our Teaching Review guidelines.
  2. Plan and videotape your class.  Send it to us (in one of the several ways we offer).
  3. Get your written report back, usually 10 or more pages, with lots of compliments as well as coaching points that will improve your teaching.  Your report includes a grade.  You must get a grade of "Pass" for this to renew or reinstate your Current Standing.

Important!  Do NOT videotape your class first and then enroll.  You need the Teaching Review guidelines before you tape.  Plus we have to confirm that we will have Faculty available to write your report at a time you're planning to send in your video.  Enroll first.

Click here to enroll through the first Pose Clinic (June 10), or reach out to our Enrollment Advisors by Turn on Javascript! or phone at (610) 806-2119.