Pratyabhij~nah.rdayam Extended Study Plan

FREE Intro Call on September 19 2020


We hope your extra three months has given you time to complete your study of these sutras or to deepen it more fully.  It’s been wonderful to delve into such detail in this pivotal Kashmiri Shaivite text and commentary! 

Based on the questionnaire responses in July, most of you had completed sutra 19 or 20, with 1 yogi having completed sutra 11 and 1 yogi who has completed sutra 16.   For having the audios available longer, 5 yogis recommending 3 months, 3 yogis recommending 6 months and 7 yogis recommending longer. 

The last lesson was published June 20, and the audios have been online for three extra months at no charge.  You may enroll in an Extended Study Plan with Gurudevi, which begins September 19.

You send in your report of which sutra(s) you’ve been working on at least 2 days before the call.  She will review your report with you individually, while others listen and learn from your questions and comments.  Her intention is to help you focus in your studies, making progress toward enlightenment while you work your way through the sutras


  Gurudevi Nirmalananda








Vowed Member at Vratin, Brahmacharin or Sannyasin level

Participation in the 2018-2020 Pratyabhij~nah.rdayam course.

Date/Time: monthly zoom calls with Gurudevi, 4:00 - 5:15 pm Eastern Time on the following dates: 


Zoom Call


Intro Call



Saturday September 19




Saturday October 17




Saturday November 21



Saturday December 19


Tuition:  $45/month, minimum three months enrollment. 

When you enroll, you get 9/19-9/30 for free.  Then your monthly enrollment covers a calendar month, with no refunds for partial months.

Upon enrollment, you get the new password for the sutras audio page and the zoom link for the discussion call. 

Your reminder email for the zoom call will also remind you to send in your homework.

To enroll:  contact our Enrollment Advisors at Turn on Javascript! or 610.806.2119.

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When events beyond our control cause unavoidable changes, locations and fees are subject to change without notice.

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