Professional Training Tracks

Our programs offer depth as well as breadth, empowering you in a life-long profession focused on helping other people. choose your focus from our many levels of certification.  Scroll down to see more info on each.

  • YTT - Yoga Teacher Training
  • YCT - Yoga Classroom Therapeutics
  • PYT - Professional Yoga Therapist
  • Teaching Half Day Workshops
  • Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Certification
  • Yoga for Your Back Teacher
  • Seniors & Adaptive Yoga Teacher
  • Warrior Vinyasa Teacher
  • Deeper Yoga Teacher
  • Bliss Yoga Teacher
  • Advanced Yoga Teacher
  • Vinyasa Teacher Certification
  • MTT - Meditation Teacher Trainings


Yoga Teacher Training (YTT)

Become certified in Svaroopa® yoga at the 200-hour level with just three short immersion trainings:  Foundations, YTT1 and YTT2.  Each is 5 days, with two at-home study and mentoring programs that develops your teaching skills (DTS 1 & 2).  You become a Certified Svaroopa® Yoga Basics Teacher, qualified to register with Yoga Alliance as an RYT 200.

A Certified Svaroopa® Yoga Teacher has completed 500 hours of professional training, including YTT3 & YTT4, as well as a weekend anatomy immersion and a hands-on healing Embodyment® Yoga Therapy training.  You are now qualified to register with Yoga Alliance as an RYT 500.

Click here for a flow chart on our YTT and YCT trainings.


Yoga Classroom Therapeutics (YCT)

A new yoga student brings the tensions from decades (or perhaps from lifetimes) with them.  They may not be able to do things you take for granted.  How do you help them?  Every pose has a quick trick, an extra prop, an adjustment or variation that will make yoga accessible to them.  Learn how to help the yogis who need extra help.  A YCT training is available for each of our YTT programs, for Levels 1, 2, 3 & 4.

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Professional Yoga Therapist (PYT)

Customizing the physical practices to your clients’ needs is one of the most satisfying ways to serve.  Watch them heal, session by session.  You need only three courses after you become a Certified Svaroopa® Yoga Teacher and certified in Yoga Classroom Therapeutics.  No longer do you have to qualify as a Pregnancy Teacher or other Specialty Certifications that used to be included.  You are specializing in yoga therapy!

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Specialty Certifications

Pick who you want to serve and learn the tools that help them get the most from yoga in the shortest time. Learn to teach workshops or focus on our vinyasa series.  You’ve got options, depending on your personal interest or if you want to expand the programs you offer:

  • Teaching Half Day Workshops
  • Pregnancy Yoga
  • Yoga for Your Back
  • Seniors & Adaptive Yoga
  • Warrior Vinyasa

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Deeper Yoga

After YTT2, you already know so much.  Yet there is more available — so much more. You can learn to teach Deeper Yoga classes in five themes:  Lower Spinal Release, Heart Openers, Abs, Backbends and Standing Poses.  These levels are now freed from the years of prerequisites they used to require.  Become certified as a Deeper Yoga teacher after only five Deeper courses, newly available after YTT2.

Click here for a flow chart on our Deeper Yoga Teacher Certification.


Bliss Yoga Certifications

Always popular, always profoundly transformative, the Beginner’s and Advanced Bliss Certifications are now available after fewer trainings.  Find out how blissful your body can be, as well as the bliss beyond body and mind.  These amazing teaching protocols propel you and your students on the path of consciousness — quickly, easily and bliss-fully.

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Advanced Teacher

Begin studying advanced levels after YTT Level 3, opening up even more powerful levels of practice and teaching in Forward Bends as well as Neck & Shoulders.  You are eligible for other advanced courses after YTT Level 4, including Twists & Seated Poses, Balance & Inversions and Classical Poses.  Bring the beauty and power of advanced and classical poses to your students.  Learn how to use core opening practices to develop mastery of the most impressive poses.  A whole new world of yoga practice opens up, outside and inside.

Click here for a flow chart on our Advanced Yoga Teacher Certification.


Weekend Workshop Leader

Bring all your trainings together for the purpose of taking yogis deeper and faster.  Teach weekend immersion programs with advanced practices, partner poses, sutra talks and deep meditations.  Every immersion will propel your students farther, faster than ever before.  

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Vinyasa Certification

Learn to teach our Warrior Vinyasa as well as Sun Salutation and other pose series.  Develop your strength and flexibility while deepening your core opening and inner state – a whole new way to live in your body and in the world.  Teach your students advanced practices as a consciousness-flow rather than a mere physical feat.  Yet it is physical.  And more than physical.

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Enrich Your Teaching Skills (EYTS — Continuing Ed programs)

EYTS programs give you a sweet immersion in yoga and meditation, without homework or DTS modules.  They fulfill your Continuing Ed without developing new levels of certification.  Our new Teacher Tuneups offer 11 different themes for you to deepen your yoga as well as polish your teaching skills.  In addition, more programs are available for teachers not in current standing, plus new “Prep Courses” that make it easy for you to update your current standing date before you go into a Deeper Training.  

Click here for a flow chart on our EYTS Continuing Ed programs.


Meditation Teacher Training (MTT)

These trainings prepare you to teach meditation and yoga philosophy as well as work with the yoga of the mind.  Many levels of training are available, including:

  • Leading a Discussion Group
  • Vichara Certification (a therapeutic guided self-inquiry process)
  • Meditation Teacher Training
  • Leading Short Meditations
  • Meditation Group Leader
  • Sutras Teacher

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Svaroopa® Yoga

Full Spectrum Yoga

While working with your body, Svaroopa® yoga opens up the full spectrum of your being.  Spiritual insights and profound healings happen without any sweat.  Slower yoga, consciously aligned and leveraged for multi-dimensional openings, means you get it all.