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Swami Sahajananda Saraswati

Swami Sahajananda was always a seeker, ultimately leading her to become a Swami, a yoga monk who is devoting her life to spiritual development as well as service to mankind..  With 30 years training and working in wholistic services, her background includes nursing, massage, herbal and aroma therapies, Insight Meditation and teaching yoga in another style.  

In 1999 she met Gurudevi Swami Nirmalananda (then known as Rama Berch).  Sahajananda recalls, “Gurudevi talked to that part of me that held a deep yearning I didn’t even know how to name.”  The next year, Sahajananda began training in Svaroopa® yoga.  By 2003, she became a Svaroopa® Yoga Teacher Trainer.

“I didn’t want to wait a second longer to dive into whatever Svaroopa® yoga offered.  I finally knew I didn’t have to look any further.  Nothing else had been quite right. Svaroopa® yoga was. Nothing else had ever touched me in my life in this way.”  She could feel a hole being filled, she says.  “It addressed my yearning in a way that continues to fulfill me for more than 20 years.  I knew this was something different.  There is such a depth in every part of the practice.”

"Sahajananda’s instruction is clear and purposeful.  She presents with humor and compassion, which allows her teachings to be easily accessible." — Patty (Yashoda) Sayre, CSYT

"Sahajananda’s teaching is filled with knowledge, patience and grace." — Lissa (Yogananda) Fountain, CSYT

Becoming a swami was the next step for Sahajananda.  “Being a swami is entering into the world with a whole new perspective.  I took a step into the unknown.  I’m just now finding out what that might be.  I expect to explore it for the rest of my life.”  She says the potential for moving into what her name means is “so big.”  She explains that the name “Sahajananda” means the bliss of the natural state of Consciousness.  She says, “I’m in awe.  It will open incredible new possibilities.”

"I recently had the pleasure of assisting Swami Sahajananda in a Mandali Travels program. The depth and clarity of her teachings struck me.  She has obviously settled into a much deeper place inside.  She was teaching from that place.  Having known Sahajananda for almost 20 years, I was so grateful to be in India with her when she took sannyas initiation.  I was also relieved to see that her personality traits, which I’ve known and loved for so long, were not burned up in the fire.  She's still her. And More." — Kelly (Kushala) Sharp, CSYT

Serving as a Teacher Trainer and as an Enrollment Advisor for the Ashram, Swami Sahajananda says, “I’m doing everything I was doing before, but I am different.”  When students interact with her, they want to know “What’s it like?  Who are you now?” She says, “I am who I am, but I have a deeper commitment to what I’ve been committed to all along.”

"Sahajananda is a warm, wonderful, knowledgeable teacher.  Her passion for teaching and practicing Svaroopa® yoga come through so beautifully." — Shelley (Shivakari) Zeichner, SVA Shishya

Sahajananda adds, “I don’t have to create a lot of things.  I’m already doing them.  It’s more about my attitude and my state of being.  I hope my attitude of service becomes stronger and stronger. Everything that I do is in service.”