Satsang Audios

Satsang is the way that yoga’s sages have offered their teachings for thousands of years. This Sanskrit word means “in the company of Truth,” made up of “sat” (Truth) and “sangha” (in the company of).

Swami Nirmalananda continues this age-old tradition by sharing the depth and breadth of yoga’s timeless teachings in these free programs. You may attend the live programs at Downingtown Yoga & Meditation Center (DYMC), or enjoy the recordings of her discourses also free of charge.

Swamiji explains key sutras and teachings as well as how they apply to your modern life. Satsangs also feature kirtan, the traditional call-and-response chanting of Sanskrit mantras, which is especially beneficial before meditation, but more importantly is an experience of pure joy. In every satsang, Swamiji teaches the intricacies of meditation, leading you into the inner experience that yoga promises.

As a Swami, her mission is to share yoga’s ancient teachings in an intimate and personal way. She specializes in providing easy and deep inner experiences of your own Self, by using the teachings and practices that she received from her Guru and that she has cultivated for decades.

Calendar of upcoming satsangs at DYMC.

Audio recordings of Swamiji’s archived satsangs