Shree Guru Gita Intro Mantras Commentary

Swami Nirmalananda is using 8 source books, all English translations from the Sanskrit text, to offer her rendering of the verses as well as commentary. The English verses may be chanted using the basic 8-beat melody of Shree Guru Gita, which is similar to the traditional melody for the Bhagavadgita.

The Sanskrit transliteration is in the Velthuis system, which "has been noted as one of the most sophisticated digital typographical systems in the world". Swamiji selected it for its ease and accuracy for chanting as well as its ease in presenting online or in written documents. In addition, it violates no copyrights as the text itself, coming from the Skanda Purana, is ancient and the Velthuis transliteration has not been printed under copyright until now.


Intro Verse 1

Sanskrit: Om asya “srii-guru-giitaa-stotra mantrasya bhagavaan sadaa”siva

English: Om. Sadaashiva, is seer and source of the reality of this world and the teachings in this mantra, Honored Hymn to the Sadguru.


Intro Verse 2:  

Sanskrit:  naanaavidhaani chandaa.msi “sriiguru-paramaatmaa devataa

English:  Verses with diff’rent melodies honor the One who needs no praise. Sadguru, the embodied Self, is the one to whom I sing.


Intro Verse 3:  

Sanskrit:  ha.m biija.m sa.h “sakti.h kro.m kiilaka.m “sriiguru-prasaada-siddhyarte jape viniyoga.h

English:  Ham’sa, breath and bija mantra, are vital seed and branching flow. Krom is the anchor in this world ~ as a great gift to all mankind. My chanting is for one purpose, to receive my own Guru’s Grace, ~ that I attain the greatest gift, knowing and being my own Self

Intro Verse 4a:  

Sanskrit:  atha dhyaanam. ha.msaabhyaa.m pariv.rtta-patra-kamalair divyair jagat-kaara.nair, vi”svot-kiir.nam-aneka-deha-nilayai.h svacchandam aatmecchayaa.

English:  Now, meditation. The Guru, enthroned within me, between the petals ham and sah, causes the world and all beings, in his way and through his will.

Intro Verse 4b:  

Sanskrit:  taddyota.m pada”saambhava.m tu, pratyak.sak.sara-vigraha.m gurupada.m dhyaayed vibhu.m “saa”svatam.

English:  Meditate on the Sadguru, embodied form of consciousness, knowing, being, illumining, giving me That which is my Self.

Intro Verse 5:  

Sanskrit:  mama catur-vidha-puru.saarta- siddhyarthe jape viniyoga.h

English:  I am chanting in order to fulfill all the four goals of life, duty, wealth, pleasure and freedom all granted me by Guru’s Grace.