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Swamiji is more available than ever before, bringing meditation, her teachings and presence to your community.  She will be doing six tours plus two Shaktipat Retreats on-the-road.  In addition, she will be traveling with one of our Mandali Faculty Members.  This means you may host other free and tuition-based programs, like a mini-retreat in your home town.  While there's no charge for her programs, these workshops as well as donations are needed to support her tour and the Ashram in her absence 

Free Meditation Satsang

Swamiji offers a back-to-back combo of free programs on one evening and the next morning. 

evening  — a free meditation satsang for everyone 

next morning — Shishyas may chant “Srii Guru Gita with her in the early morning, then share a breakfast potluck, followed by a Shishya satsang. 

These free programs are held in someone’s yoga studio or home.  

Satsang with Swami Nirmalananda Saraswati


Shaktipat Retreat

In this weekend meditation retreat, Swami Nirmalananda formally gives shaktipat to every person three times. Shaktipat Diksha is the initiation that awakens your Kundalini energy for the highest purpose of human life — the knowing of your own divine Self. 

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Shaktipat retreats are weekend programs, from Friday evening through Sunday lunchtime.  It is an immersion program, held at a retreat center or hotel.  There is tuition associated with this program.  Students' housing and meals costs are determined by the location. 

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For dates and locations, see our Program Calendar.

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