Shishya Vichara Club

“Since it is only your mind that keeps you from being enlightened,

you need to work on your mind.”  — Gurudevi Nirmalananda

What is Vichara?

Either in-person or on the phone, one of our Vichara Therapists guides you through a self-inquiry process.  This means they listen as you explore what your mind gets stuck on, and they ask questions that help you get unstuck.  More than merely understanding what’s going on, you’re lifted up out of it.  After 45 minutes of this, they lead you in 5 minutes of japa (mantra repetition), which opens up a whole new level of insight and awareness. 

Why Shishyas Only?

Once you’ve decided you’re a shishya (disciple) of Gurudevi, your spiritual progress deepens and intensifies.  Merely making that decision places you in the flow of Grace more powerfully.  To understand your own growth process while you’re going through it is the hardest thing of all, so SVA has this vichara program to help you with it.  To see where you’re at shifts where you’re at; vichara uses this mystical principle in the most tangible ways.  Three months of consistent and dedicated self-inquiry promises gentle cosmic breakthroughs.  To learn more about Shishya Membership, click here.

What is the Vichara Club?

You enroll in a three-month prepaid membership that includes 10 weekly vichara sessions spread over the 12 weeks.  This gives you space to manage scheduling challenges as well as life events.  Each week, your therapist guides you through the thicket of your mind.  Then you do it again in the next week. 

Week-by-week, clarity dawns.  You learn how to live in the light of Consciousness instead of struggling with a mind full of clouds, confusion or density.  Most valuable, your meditations shift into a whole new level, simply because you don’t have to spend so much time clearing your mind before delving deeper inward.

What is the Enrollment Fee?

Your three-month membership is $800, prepaid upon enrollment.  You get ten weekly sessions, spread out over 12 weeks  This rate is significantly discounted compared to the $950 that ten single sessions would cost.  It is also lower than the package rate of $850 available to non-Shishyas.

Your sessions are weekly, though you do get to spread your 10 sessions out over 12 weeks, which makes you able to deal with scheduling challenges and/or life events.  You may not do two sessions per week, as you need time between the sessions to fully imbibe the results and be ready for your next session.

How Do I Start?

  1. Apply for Shishya Membership.  Once approved, go to step 2.
  2. Enroll for your first three months with our Turn on Javascript!
  3. Select from our available therapists to be your Vichara Therapist. 
  4. She will contact you to get started within a few days. 

Learn more from our Turn on Javascript!, or phone them at 610.806.2119