Weekend Workshops with Vidyadevi & Kusuma

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Vidyadevi's available dates:

No more available dates for 2018.

2019 dates coming soon. 



Kusuma’s available dates:

December 5-9 2018


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Workshop Descriptions 

Bliss Weekend

Your body is hard-wired for bliss!  Devote this weekend to experiencing how easy it is to remove the blocks to this ever-existent inner flow.  Experience the interweaving of profound physical openings with contemplations from the ancient texts, providing food for your soul, as well as astonishing changes and healings in your body, mind and emotions.  For beginners through advanced practitioners, you will be amazed at how powerful it is to work with your body in these gentle and precise ways.

Cultivate the power and subtlety of Ujjayi Pranayama, Svaroopa yoga’s primary breathing practice, as well as the deeper and more powerful openings you can get through well-supported poses in deeper angles and longer holds.  Everything combines to dissolve the layers of tension and inner blocks so that svaroopa, the Bliss of Pure Being is revealed within.  You will consolidate your understanding of this experience in the discussion periods each afternoon, based on quotations from key yoga texts describing your own essence as bliss. 


Clarity, Decision & Action

Taught by Vidyadevi Stillman or Kusuma (Karobi) Sachs

Give yourself a whole weekend of yoga, focused on gaining clarity on your life and provide the foundation for decisive and effective action. The deep spinal openers and abdominal poses will help you cultivate all three of these qualities, while the contemplations and discussions help you consolidate your new understandings and take them home with you. Discover clarity instead of confusion, decision instead of hesitancy, and the ability to follow through with action where it is needed. This workshop can truly change your life.


Climb Out of the Rut

Taught by Vidyadevi Stillman 

Do you have habits that no longer serve you, that no longer take you where you really want to go? You may be aware of it, but you just can’t help yourself. Every time you repeat that thought, choice or behavior, the rut deepens. As the rut deepens, it becomes harder and harder to climb your way out until eventually you give up on yourself. Learn how to dissolve those deeply ingrained patterns and behaviors. This weekend will include asana, vichara (self-inquiry) and sutras especially related to this age-old problem. Don’t give up on yourself. Climb out of the pit and discover a life free of the rut!


Discover Your Inner Knowing

Taught by Vidyadevi Stillman or Kusuma (Karobi) Sachs

To hear that quiet inner voice that always knows the truth, to know in a way that no words can ever express, to sense the perfect thing to say or do in every situation – this is the only way to live. This knowing-and-being is already full and complete within you, but you need some training in how to find it and live it in every moment. This weekend is focused on deepening your inner knowing through poses and meditative practices, as well as training you how to take it into your life. Combined with studies from the sage Shankaracharya will bring the ancient truths to life within you through the journaling and discussion periods woven into each day.


Discover Your Inner Warrior

Taught by Vidyadevi Stillman 

Learn Svaroopa® yoga’s empowering sequence, the Warrior Vinyasa, with five different Warrior poses and three Triangle poses flowing from one to another, linked by your breath. Find strength through spinal release and discover how to use your abs and legs instead of your spinal muscles. Learn how to open your spine while you are moving and how to live your life with physical strength, mental clarity and the ability to remain centered in the midst of stressful situations. This weekend includes asana (poses), vichara (guided self-inquiry) and yoga’s ancient teachings on the inner warrior, along with chanting and meditation instruction.  This powerful vinyasa will profoundly affect your body, your mind and your life.


Finding Bliss in Movement

Taught by Vidyadevi Stillman or Kusuma (Karobi) Sachs

Explore the structure and subtleties of your spine in both stillness and movement in this Svaroopa yoga workshop. Learn more about the anatomy of your spine and nervous system and the importance of opening up both. Use the deep spinal release poses, abdominal poses and backbends to develop your capacity to move smoothly and breathe freely, culminating in a primary vinyasa (flowing sequence) of Svaroopa yoga – Prana Pump. Use the whole weekend to break through your limitations to discover a new range of movement and strength.


Gateway of Your Heart

Taught by Vidyadevi Stillman

The opening of your heart in this weekend workshop comes from both an outer, physical release and a subtle inner softening. Using the practices of asana, guided contemplations, chanting and meditation, you will experience both kinds of openings simultaneously, while absorbing the teachings of the ancients to provide a deep and enriching experience. The core opening of Svaroopa yoga provides a pathway to deep inner experiences that take you to your heart, through your heart and beyond. The afternoon presentations and discussions on the key principles of yoga philosophy will lead you to a deeper understanding of what your heart really is. This weekend will make a significant change in your body while offering you a new way to understand both your relationships and yourself.


Happy Body - Peaceful Mind

Taught by Vidyadevi Stillman or Kusuma (Karobi) Sachs

This weekend is custom designed to your needs, beginning with the group listing the things each would like help with, both in body as well as mind and emotions. Your whole weekend is then formatted around the group list, focusing on the most important poses for your needs. Each pose is thoroughly explained, not only how to do it but also why it is so important and how it works. In addition to the tools for your body, you will get tools for your mind, using the key principles of yoga’s ancient philosophy to guide you through the inner maze to clarity and peace.


Heart-Full Living

Taught by Kusuma (Karobi) Sachs

It’s wonderful when someone will open your heart for you! A person, a place, even a favorite piece of music can easily serve as that external trigger, but it is an internal feeling. It arises from within! Yogis know how to move beyond the familiar (sometimes unreliable) external ways of heart opening.

Spend a yoga weekend, exploring the opening your heart from within, allowing you to live in that fullness all the time. Your ability to live in that expansiveness is what Svaroopa® yoga is all about. Karobi guides you through yoga poses, chanting, mantra repetition (japa), meditation and the study of relevant sutras — all to support you in recognizing the true source of love within you. You will leave this weekend workshop with a deeper knowing and experience of an open heart.


More Health, More Peace, More Vitality

Taught by Vidyadevi Stillman or Kusuma (Karobi) Sachs

Get more of what you really need by tapping into the inner source in this weekend of Svaroopa yoga. The wellspring of your own innermost essence is the source of health and vitality. It fills you with peace and joy and gives you the capacity to do everything you need and want to do. If you lose touch with yourself, you begin to suffer and lag behind where you want to be. Learn how to plug back into your source.


The Power of Support

Taught by Vidyadevi Stillman

Use well-supported poses to find the inner support that consciousness provides.  The physical changes you get from Svaroopa yoga’s spinal release poses are only the beginning of a magical internal change that clear multiple levels: physical, mental and emotional.  These simultaneous releases give you access to svaroopa, the inner support that is always there, your own Divinity.  Your weekend includes asana (poses), vichara (guided self-inquiry), yoga’s teachings, chanting & meditation. Go home knowing how to find support in your asana practice, and how to carry that inner support into your life, living your life in a whole new way.


The Shavasana Course

Taught by Vidyadevi Stillman

Perfect your Shavasana by following Vidyadevi’s guidance in five hour-long Shavasanas — all in one weekend! Each new experience takes you deeper within yourself, for illuminative insights and profound physical changes. Share your descriptions and hear what is happening for everyone else in each of the discussions, while you learn from Vidyadevi’s explanations of the meaning and significance of what is blossoming within. This weekend workshop is a few hours longer than most weekends, with an extra course meeting in order to do all the different Shavasanas that are included. Discover the power of doing nothing – and how you can get more by doing less. 
[requires extra hours in the weekend: Fri eve through Sunday dinner OR Saturday all day & evening plus Sunday all day]


Slow Down!

Taught by Vidyadevi Stillman or Kusuma (Karobi) Sachs

Discover how to move into a slower pace of life, focusing more on quality than quantity. Explore how to nourish and recharge your body, mind and spirit through a whole weekend of long luxurious yoga classes. See how the exploration of relevant yoga philosophy will help you find a place of deeper relaxation and ease of mind. This is especially important if you have a hard time slowing down even when you are not working, or you find it hard to make the transition from being busy to unwinding and slowing down. By the end of this weekend you will know how to slow down on your own so that you can return to your own inner source again and again.


Stay Open in Life

Taught by Vidyadevi Stillman

How do you keep the openings you get from your yoga practice? It can be challenging to stay open when life tightens you back up again. In fact, it is not the physical activities that you do which creates this dilemma – it is your own mind. Learn how to deal with your mind so the openings you get from your yoga practice spread into your whole life. Learn how to stay open no matter what comes your way. This weekend workshop includes asana, vichara (guided self-inquiry), sutras (ancient teachings) and quick-fixes for staying open or re-opening when you tighten up. What a profound way to live your life – open, open, open!


Svaroopa® Yoga & Meditation

Taught by Vidyadevi Stillman or Kusuma (Karobi) Sachs

Experience profound and deep meditations with Svaroopa® yoga. Utilize the power of our core opening practices for their highest purpose — that you experience your own divine essence. The poses and breathing practices prepare you to turn within, while the teachings, mantra and chanting open the inner infinity. 

  • If you have never meditated before, you will learn how in this weekend.
  • If you have struggled with meditation, you will find how easy and delicious it can be.
  • If you love meditation, you’ll love the chance to dive in deeper, under [TEACHER’S NAME]’s experienced guidance and in the group of so many other dedicated yogis.

Bring your aches and pains with you, as Svaroopa® yoga is specifically designed to create ease and openness in your body, as well as your mind and your heart, by working with customized props and variations that meet your individual needs. Experience how quick and easy it is to dive deeper into your own divine essence, which is called svaroopa by Patanjali in the Yoga Sutras. You will experience who you really are from the inside out.


Svaroopa® Yoga for Your Neck & Shoulders

Taught by Vidyadevi Stillman or Kusuma (Karobi) Sachs

Experience freedom in your neck & shoulders for the first time in a long time. Discover how easy it can be to make profound changes by working in the core of your body, beginning from your tailbone and dissolving the spinal tension in stages all the way along your spine. Take a look at the other related issues in your life or in your mind, and learn how to set up your own program for making permanent changes in your neck & shoulders.


Yoga, Life & Breath

Taught by Vidyadevi Stillman or Kusuma (Karobi) Sachs

Develop the ease and power of your breath in this weekend of Svaroopa yoga. The details and technicalities of Ujjayi Pranayama are the foundation of your inner adventure, while poses are used to open the core of your body and work with you to deepen your breathing practice. In addition you will learn specific yoga poses to further increase the flow of aliveness throughout your whole body. Focus on the healing and transformative power of your breath while you learn about how your breath really works. You will experience a dramatic increase in your energy and feel more alive than ever before.






 Workshop Titles (descriptions to the left)

Bliss Weekend (Vidyadevi/Kusuma)

Clarity, Decision & Action (Vidyadevi/Kusuma)

Climb Out of the Rut (Vidyadevi) 

Discover Your Inner Knowing (Vidyadevi/Kusuma)

Discover Your Inner Warrior (Vidyadevi)

Finding Bliss in Movement (Vidyadevi/Kusuma)

Gateway of Your Heart (Vidyadevi)

Happy Body — Peaceful Mind (Vidyadevi/Kusuma)

Heart-Full Living (Kusuma)

More Health, More Peace, More Vitality (Vidyadevi/Kusuma)

The Power of Support (Vidyadevi)

The Shavasana Course (Vidyadevi) 

Slow Down! (Vidyadevi/Kusuma)

Stay Open in Life (Vidyadevi) 

Svaroopa® Yoga & Meditation (Vidyadevi/Kusuma) 

Svaroopa® Yoga for Your Neck & Shoulders (Vidyadevi/Kusuma)

Yoga, Life & Breath (Vidyadevi/Kusuma)


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