Weekend Workshop Titles

Be Your Bliss

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Bliss is your true nature. The science of Bliss is both mystical and accessible: it is as close to you as your very own breath. This weekend explores the power of Ujjayi Pranayama, Svaroopa® yoga’s primary breathing practice, and the well supported and precise alignments of Svaroopa® Yoga Bliss Poses. Whether you are an advanced yogi or a beginner, this weekend is for you: an opportunity to quiet your mind and experience the profound physical healing of the deeper poses. With compassion and ease, Yogeshwari (Lissa) will guide you through an interweaving of these physical openings with contemplations from the ancient texts. This grounding in bliss makes you able to carry your bliss into your everyday life. Discover how easy it is to dissolve the mental and physical tensions that block you from the inner knowing of svaroopa: the bliss of your own being. 

Choose Joy!

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Let yoga keep you joyously alive! Learn to experience your natural state of joy, by discovering its source to transform your life. Mangala will lead you through safe well-supported poses designed to release spinal tension and open the space around your heart. Feel enlivened and revitalized as she leads you through contemplations, chanting and meditation to deepen your connection to this inner source. Easily discover the joy within you and learn to bring it into every moment of your life.

Connect with the Power of your Breath

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Discover how the quality of your breathing can change dramatically, affecting the quality of your life. As your breath opens, you feel more alive in your body, mind and spirit. Find how easy it is to connect with the power of your own breath! This workshop develops your practice of Ujjayi Pranayama, Svaroopa® yoga’s primary breathing practice. Each participant receives assistance in uncovering the benefits and subtleties of this easy yet profound practice. In addition, the weekend’s many poses open the core of your body, releasing tight areas, thus allowing your breath to feel more fluid, easy and full. Learn which poses release constriction and open you to an increased flow of aliveness.

This workshop is an inner journey into your breath, your body and your life. Connecting with the power of your breath makes your life rich and satisfying just as it is. To facilitate this exploration the weekend includes: partner yoga, chanting, meditation, contemplation of yoga’s teachings and discussion.

Discover Your Natural State – Bliss!

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Your weekend includes well-supported yoga poses, Svaroopa® yoga’s primary breathing practice (Ujjayi Pranayama), contemplations from the ancient texts, and discussion to facilitate bringing your experiences into your daily life.  All the elements of this Bliss weekend combine to melt away the blockages that keep you from experiencing the bliss of being. Gain access to the deeper, more satisfying levels of your own Self. For beginners through advanced practitioners.

The Delight of an Open Spine and Quiet Mind

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Can the experience of delight be a greater part of your daily life? Yes, it can! What blocks delight is the busyness of the mind.  As soon as the mind becomes quiet something wonderful happens. To have this experience, your life does NOT need to be perfect. 

This workshop uses the reliable Svaroopa® yoga poses to release the tight muscles through the core of your body allowing your spine to decompress and open. Amazingly, the exhausting chatter of the mind quiets down.  There is a greater sense of space in your body, your mind and your life. This workshop also explores twist poses to support you in turning inward to the source of delight.  You have the capacity to open your spine, quiet your mind and bathe in the inner delight of your daily life. See how easy it is.  This weekend also includes partner yoga, chanting, meditation, contemplation and journaling.

Effortless-Effort — Enhanced & Expanded

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Let go of the tensions in your life. Dive into a weekend of Svaroopa® yoga where Mangala enhances your ability to springboard your yoga off your blankets and into your life. Experience this yoga deeply opening your body and your mind. She will blend asana, contemplation, chanting and meditation to take you from leaning into the support of your blankets to leaning into the support of your Self. As effortless-effort becomes your way of life, tensions dissolve. You ease into your life experiences and move through your life established in the bliss of your own being. The possibilities are endless…

Find the Unshakable You

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Discover the part of you that is always steady and unshakable! Life can push you this way and that way throwing you off balance and making you feel shaken. You can find a temporary sense of balance in your life by balancing the extremes, like over-exercising to balance overeating. Yoga does it differently. This workshop explores finding balance from the inside out using the Svaroopa® yoga poses and practices. Discover that place in yourself where nothing can shake you, where you are steady in your Self.  In addition to balance poses, this weekend cultivates core opening, a specialty of Svaroopa® yoga, from tail to top to assist you in finding your inner balance point. In addition, your weekend includes partner yoga, chanting, meditation and contemplation of yoga’s teachings.

Free to Be

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This is yoga’s promise. Unshackle the tensions that hold you back. Svaroopa® yoga specializes in the core opening that allows you to live from the sweet space within. Release tensions that keep you out-of-balance and off-center. Mangala guides you to lean through your bones into the support your skeleton provides. She offers contemplations, chanting and meditation making it easy to step into your Self. Leave this weekend ready to passionately embrace all your life’s adventures. Be uplifted inside and outside and soar.

Grounded in Your Blissful Self

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Let go of juggling everything while trying to hold it all together. Become grounded in your blissful Self and re-connect with this deep inner knowing. Real balance comes from a place of surrender, while remaining stable and solidly planted in your feet and in your life. Integrating Svaroopa® Yoga’s core opening practices throughout the weekend, you’ll learn standing poses that teach you to lean into the solid ground beneath your feet and within your own Self. Yogeshwari will lead you through a dynamic weekend of Self discovery, with poses and meditation, providing reliable and deep changes in your body, mind and more.

The Inner Sound of Healing: Yoga and Your Breath

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Discover the healing power of your breath by spending a weekend exploring Svaroopa® yoga’s primary breathing practice, Ujjayi Pranayama. This “sounding breath” is a source of your own healing and is already full and complete within you, yet you are only tapping into a small portion of it. Allow Lissa Yogeshwari Fountain to guide you through this transformative process of learning how your breath really works, while accessing it’s fullest capacity. To help with this, Svaroopa® yoga’s core opening poses will release your spinal tensions, freeing your life force, your prana, to flow unimpeded through your spine. Along with chanting, meditation and partner yoga, this weekend will uplift your whole sense of self, energizing and enlivening your body and connecting to your own inner source.

Lasting Joy Through Yoga

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See how easy it is to connect with your inner source of lasting joy. Bring it into your life, including through those challenging life circumstances. Unravel the tensions that cause your body to be crunched forward. Learn to use your arms and abdominals to provide support instead of your spine. While arching your back and opening through your chest, experience the effortless release of tensions in the deep layers of your spinal musculature. It's exhilarating!

Living with an Open Heart

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Approach your life from the space of an open heart. When you live from this space, anxiety drops away; you relax; your awareness expands; and your body produces bliss chemicals. What is it like to live loving everything and everyone? The yoga texts teach that we have this capacity. This workshop gives you ways to increase your capacity to live with an open heart.

Svaroopa® yoga poses reliably release the tensions along your spine including the knotted area behind your heart.  This core opening allows you to open and soften inward, accessing the heart of your own Self.  Addie guides you through well-supported yoga poses, partner yoga, chanting, meditation and contemplation, along with discourses on yoga philosophy to assist you in Living with an Open Heart.

More Alive, More Joyous, More You

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Explore your body and mind’s true potential for expansive joy and centered living. Lissa (Yogeshwari) leads you through a weekend of gentle yet powerful backbend poses, designed to release the crunch in your low back by unfurling and lengthening your tailbone. As you age, you get more rounded over and contracted. Backbends reverse this by decompressing your spine. You’ll look and feel younger, healthier, and more vibrantly alive. This weekend will also help you fine tune your body’s alignments and the use of your abdominals, and well as centering you through discourses, chanting, meditation and partner sharing. Discover a new lift and openness in your spine that will enable you to access greater joy within, and grow into the fullness of your own Self.

Opening Your Heart: Inside & Outside

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Release your fears, and open your heart more fully by finding the Divine within you. Unlock the knots behind your heart that keep you from experiencing your own inner essence, so you find the true freedom of living with your guard down. Yogeshwari will guide you through Svaroopa® Yoga's heart opening poses that target the tightly held areas of your spine, beginning at your tailbone. Discourse, chanting and meditation will be interwoven throughout the weekend. As a result, a new surge of joy will spread through your heart and mind, basing you in a deeper knowing of the Self, one that opens you more fully to life and to everyone you share it with. It is the experience of your own divinity that makes this possible in the midst of life.

Peaceful Easy Feeling: A Weekend for Healing, Strength & Peace

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Open into the challenges of life and breathe. Everything you need is within you. Discover healing, strength & peace arising from within your own being. It's all there waiting to be unleashed, waiting to enhance your experience of life. You will leave this weekend deeply connected to your inner source, fully alive and ready to embrace the world.

Standing in Your Bliss

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What would it be like to stand in your bliss while moving about in your daily life? The yoga texts tell us that this is our birthright. All the elements of this weekend cultivate your ability to access inner bliss and to stand in that. Luxuriate in the Svaroopa® yoga poses that reliably melttension and open the door to the inner experience of bliss that is not dependent on having or getting anything on the outside. 

This weekend includes fewer poses with longer holds, time to rest in between, a blissful breathing practice, meditation, contemplation and discussion. Each segment cultivates your experience of bliss and brings it into a standing pose. You leave with a clear experience of standing in and living from your inner state of bliss. 

Standing on Sacred Ground

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Don’t just do something: Stand there! Feel the sacred ground beneath your feet. Discover the sacredness of your own body as you stand on that ground. Discover the sacredness of Tadasana: yoga’s standing pose of inner stillness and Divine Beingness.  This weekend workshop includes Svaroopa® Yoga Core Opening poses, chanting and meditation. It provides an integrative foundation for feeling more grounded, strong, open and present in your daily life.  Learn to stand with a relaxed spine and a quiet mind, experiencing your Self wherever you are.

Yoga & Meditation: The Bliss of a Quiet Mind

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Begin the new year  from a deeper place within yourself. Be open to all that life brings, with a quiet mind and happy body.  Svaroopa® yoga excels in quieting your mind, by releasing the core tension in your spine, starting at your tailbone.  Explore the value of a quiet and blissful mind, by learning to live in your body, and not in your head.  Melt your physical tension by recognizing the root cause: your mind!  You can think yourself into exhaustion and pain faster than anything you can do with your body!  With grace and a light touch, Yogeshwari will lead you through Svaroopa® Yoga poses, chanting and meditation.  Return home with tools to keep you connected to Self, your essence of beingness: refreshed and renewed in body, mind and spirit.

The Yoga of Yes

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Live the life of a yogi, one who is always willing to live in, “Yes”! Be present to whatever is happening in the moment with equanimity of mind and an open spine. Discover a new ease and confidence while moving through your life without fear and resistance. Yoga will show you the way. This Svaroopa® yoga weekend focuses on deep core openings, beginning at the tailbone, as well as mastering a fun and freeing Vinyasa series: linking poses with your breath in an easy flow. With Lissa (Yogeshwari)’s graceful guidance, learn to respond instead of react, and to live more fully without hesitation or self doubt. To integrate the whole experience, the weekend will include chanting, meditation and contemplations. You will return home refreshed, renewed and committed to living the life of a yogi: one who is empowered to say “Yes!".





Workshop Titles (descriptions on left) 

Be Your Bliss (Yogyananda)

Choose Joy! (Mangala)

Effortless-Effort - Enhanced & Expanded (Mangala)

Flowing with Grace (Devi)

Free to Be (Mangala)

Grounded in Your Blissful Self (Yogyananda)

The Inner Sound of Healing: Yoga & Your Breath (Yogyananda)

Know Your Full Potential (Devi)

More Alive, More Joyous, More You (Yogyananda)

A New Way to See Yourself (Devi)

Peaceful Easy Feeling: A Weekend for Healing, Strength & Peace (Mangala)

Profound Rest (Devi)

The Source of Joy (Devi)

Yoga & Meditation: The Bliss of a Quiet Mind (Yogyananda)

The Yoga of Yes (Yogyananda)

Your Heart’s Fullest Capacity (Yogyananda)


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