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Yoga Classroom Therapeutics

YCT 1, 2, 3 & 4

What are classroom therapeutics?  These are powerful adaptations for poses that make more people able to get the benefits of Svaroopa® yoga, even if they aren't fit or flexible when they begin.  Or they want their yoga to help them with a healing process.  This covers about 60% of the people attracted to yoga classes!

Every yoga student comes in with aches and pains.  Often that is their motivation to begin yoga, especially Svaroopa® yoga.  But those limitations show up in the yoga poses, especially since Svaroopa® yoga poses are targeting the deepest tensions — and finding them!  How do you help these students get the pose?  More importantly, how do you help them get the spinal decompression that they need, not only for the pose but for their life? 

Classroom Therapeutics empower you to serve anyone who can “do a day.”  If they get up in the morning and go to work or take care of family, managing a full day of productive activities even while they have pain or limited mobility, they can do Svaroopa® yoga.  But you may need to help them with customized props, alignments, adjustments and variations.  These professional trainings give you these amazing tools!

Svaroopa® yoga is well known for its rapid healing and profound inner experiences.  You learn how to make that accessible to your students in the midst of group classes, without them needing private sessions.  Each YCT training focuses on specific Teaching Themes, a natural extension of your Teacher Training:

YCT 1 — Daily Practice, Core Opening

YCT 2 —  Abdominals, Backbends, Standing Poses

YCT 3 — Forward Bends, Neck & Shoulders, Balance & inversions

YCT 4 — Classical Poses, Vinyasa, Seated Poses & Twists

Once you have completed the related YTT Level and DTS, you are eligible for training in Classroom Therapeutics.  These trainings are also integral to our Private Yoga Therapist certification.

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