For a $1.00 membership fee, you can enjoy live telephone satsangs with Swamiji. When youregister for this “almost-free” membership for $1, it is valid for 40 years!

Based in the ancient yogic tradition, a satsang is the primary way that sages have offered their teachings for thousands of years, since the time of the Upanishads. The Sanskrit word means
“in the company of Truth,” made up of “sat” (Truth) and “sangha” (in the company of).

In her satsangs, Swami Nirmalananda continues this age-old tradition by sharing the following:

  • Teachings – based in the depth and breadth of yoga’s timeless teachings,Swamiji explains what a swami is, what yoga says about you and your life, and explains key sutras and teachings as well as how they apply to modern life.
  • Questions & answers – questions on the teachings oron any subject 
  • Chant – kirtan, the traditional call-and-response chanting of Sanskrit mantras, which is especially beneficial before meditation, but more importantly is an experience of pure joy.
  • Meditation – Swamiji leads everyone into the inner experience that yoga promises, and includes basic meditation instructions for new meditators.

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