Our Administrative Team

Saguna (Kelly) Goss, Business Manager

Reporting to the Board of Directors and Swami Nirmalananda, Saguna serves the organization by bringing our vision and mission into practicality. On a day-to-day basis, it means leading our staff and sevites so that they can serve you. As a SVA Board member, Saguna brings deep experience with our operational needs. As a longtime Svaroopi, Saguna says, "I am here to serve."  She accepts this role with profound knowledge and experience of Svaroopa® practices as well as of our community and organization.  


Nora Beckjord, Head Enrollment Advisor

Helping you find your next yoga opportunity is Nora’s goal. As the Assistant Enrollment Advisor, Nora works closely with Kusuma to support you in enrolling in your next SVA program. Nora is a Certified Svaroopa® Yoga Teacher, Certified Embodyment® Yoga Therapist and has years of professional experience supporting clients. Nora says, “I am excited to help students to decide what courses are next for them as they continue on their yoga path.” Reach out to Nora at Turn on Javascript! or 610.806.2119.


Kusuma (Karobi) Sachs, Enrollment Advisor

Always interested in helping you figure out what is best for you, Kusuma is both knowledgeable and supportive.  Her many years as a Teacher Trainer makes her deeply knowledgeable about our programs, plus her ability to understand what you're looking for gives her the ability to support your choices.  Get in touch with Kusuma at Turn on Javascript! or 610.806.2119. 


Rukmini Maria Abbruzzi, Communications Coordinator

Multi-tasking is the name of the game.  Managing the trainers and calendars as well as our enrollment, hosted programs and marketing teams, Rukmini makes sure that our programs and teachers are there for you.  She also supports Swami Nirmalananda in sharing the teachings and communications.  “Serving you allows me to support Swamiji in doing her job, which is being a source of Grace in our yoga community and in the world through her teachings, her presence, and the initiation she gives. I am devoted to Swamiji, and to the goal of Svaroopa® Vidya Ashram, which is to give the experience of your own inherent divinity to all who seek it.”  Reach Rukmini at Turn on Javascript! or 610.644.7555.


Lydia Haas

Lydia Haas, Programs Manager

Lydia oversees the behind-the-scenes services that support your program participation, from the bits and bytes of our data systems to making sure your room is clean and your meals ready for you. She says “I enjoy working in a non-profit atmosphere serving a meaningful mission.  My favorite part of working with SVA is my interaction with the beautiful souls of my colleagues and the community. I support the organization in a variety of areas; membership, donations, guest services, website maintenance, and the enrollment system.  I also enjoy supporting many sevites who offer their time and expertise in all of these areas, helping them develop a closer connection to the Ashram community through seva.” Reach out to Lydia at Turn on Javascript! or 610.644.7555.


Heather Wallaesa

Heather Wallaesa, Guest Services 

Heather Wallaesa has a passion for yoga. She brings us solid technical skills, including some experience in many areas such as accounting, marketing and administrative duties. She greets you when you arrive from "Command Central," her desk in Lokananda's front entry.  She will help with your needs when you are coming for your Yogimmersion, well as our weekly yoga classes and meditation programs.  She says, "I am committed to my daily practice of yoga and meditation and carry that with me to Lokananda where I practice Yoga as a way of being in managing my role as Program Services Coordinator. My intention is to support our students in their journey."  Reach out to Heather at Turn on Javascript! or 610.644.7555.


Pam Deluccia

Pam Deluccia, Bookkeeper

Behind the scenes, Pam makes sure that the finances are properly tracked, so we manage Ashram funds according to yogic principles.  She says, "I enjoy working in an atmosphere that supports those in search of their own spirituality and purpose. As a yogi most of my adult life, I felt an instant connection with the staff and the mission of Svaroopa® Vidya Ashram. I look forward to supporting Swami and the organization in a period of growth and change."


Anthony Corrado, Ashram Chef

Aptly describing himself as a Culinary Artist & Renaissance Man, Anthony says, “The journeys of my life have presented a myriad of experiences, teachings, challenges and blessings. My role at the Ashram allows me to create and care for others in a holistic environment.  Being present in a yogic atmosphere allows me to draw from the wisdom handed down while developing my own practice and talents.  Our time together will help cultivate and foster the expression of our purpose.  Namaste.” 


Suniti (Suzanne) Tozzi

Suniti (Suzanne) Tozzi, Ashram Assistant

Suzanne Tozzi supports Chef Anthony in the kitchen plus she works with Swami Nirmalananda on various tasks in the Ashram and other staff at Lokananda. Suzanne describes her experience with us, "I enjoy working with and learning from Chef in a very stress-free and relaxed environment. I take great pride in supporting the Ashram's daily flow and activities." It's a pleasure to welcome Suzanne to our daily ebb and flow; an Ashram is a busy place!

We always love to welcome volunteers (sevites) who are interested in supporting the Ashram's work.

Click here for info about our Seva Program.