ABOUT Svaroopa® Vidya Ashram

Our Vision Statement explains why we do what we do; it speaks to our highest vision for all whom we serve:

To engage in & teach the worship of Paramashiva,

the all-pervasive Divine Reality,

focusing on finding and experiencing

the Divine within the individual human being.

Our Mission Statement describes how we accomplish our Vision:

We provide yoga and meditation programs and services,

teacher training and a vowed order.

As a conduit of Grace in an ancient yogic

lineage, we serve seekers of Self-Realization.

The Ashram offers all the Svaroopa® Sciences, including yoga and meditative practices originated by Swami Nirmalananda. Whether you are interested in Svaroopa® yoga, Svaroopa® Vidya meditation or both, we offer you breadth and depth in our extensive programming.

Our Svaroopa® yoga programs focus on your body and breath for the purpose of experiencing your own svaroopa, your Divine Essence. The technology of Svaroopa® yoga is highly sophisticated, making challenging poses accessible to every body. We focus on training teachers who go out to serve the world, while we also provide weekend workshops and retreats for everyone, as well as local classes in Downingtown PA (our home base).

You will find Svaroopa® Vidya meditation easy to learn and practice, because Swami Nirmalananda is an authorized representative of a lineage of Meditation Masters from India. She serves by opening the inner doorway to your own Self, svaroopa, through the teachings and initiations she gives. You can learn our meditative practices through free programs as well as courses and retreats.

Explore our free services online as well as local programs and immersion retreats and Meditation Teacher Training courses.

Decide where to start by browsing through our Calendar of courses and retreats, or simply begin in our Shop or with our Freebies (free services). We are honored to be of service to you in your quest to know your own Self.

More information is found in these articles; we appreciate your interest.