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Weekends and Retreats

Value of Immersion

Our Retreats and Weekend Workshops give you the time to deepen inward under the masterful guidance and TLC of Gurudevi and the Ashram swamis.

Free from the distractions of daily life, your capacity for inner experience expands.  Your body and mind open up easily, like a rose blooming in sunlight.  This is supported by being cocooned in the Ashram energy.  You're deepening inward even while you're sleeping!

Our programs specialize in the “something more” for which Svaroopa® yoga is well-known.  The bliss of your own Beingness becomes tangible, accessible, even reliable. During an immersion, if resistances arise, you have the space, the time and the support to work through them.

Scroll through the calendar of our upcoming weekends and retreats (on your right or below).

What is a Shaktipat Retreat?

Swami Nirmalananda leads weekend Shaktipat Retreats four or five times each year, nationally and internationally. In a Shaktipat Retreat you receive Maha-Shaktipat Diksha, the initiation that awakens your Kundalini energy.  This sets you on course for the highest purpose of human life — the knowing of your own Divine Self.  Learn more.

What is a Retreat?

A Retreat is an immersion longer than three days.  Each additional day gives you more.  It's easy to see why. In a weekend, your third day is only a half-day.  In a retreat, that day is a full day, so you get more from it.  This prepares you to go even deeper on your fourth day.  You get more, go deeper and travel less than if you came for several shorter programs.  Gurudevi Nirmalananda says,

"I truly know the value of doing a longer immersion, for it was my extended time with my Guru that made all the difference for me. Also, I can see the changes in you, especially once you get to the fourth and fifth days. That extra time, like bread baking in the oven, makes all the difference!" 

We offer 5-day and longer retreats at our home campus in Downingtown PA.   Periodically, Gurudevi offers retreats in Australia and India.  Check our calendar (at right or below) to see what's coming up.