Weekends and Retreats

Value of Immersion

An immersion program allows you the time to steep in the practices and teachings deeply. We offer Weekend Workshops and Retreats to give you this precious opportunity. Without distractions from your daily life, your capacity for learning expands, through your body as well as your mind. The “something more” that Svaroopa® yoga is known for becomes tangible, accessible, even reliable. During an immersion, if any of your resistances arise, you have the space, the time, and the support to sit in them and work through them.

The group is amazingly powerful because each yogi supports all others, in addition to what your teacher provides. You both give and receive support for the entire time. Throughout a Yogimmersion, you can look forward to thinking about nothing except what you are learning, and the experience of your Self. You will experience Bliss multiplied exponentially.

What Is a Shaktipat Retreat?

Swami Nirmalananda leads weekend Shaktipat Retreats four or five times each year,  nationally and internationally. In a Shaktipat Retreat you receive Maha-Shaktipat Diksha, the initiation that awakens your Kundalini energy.  This sets you on course for the highest purpose of human life — the knowing of your own Divine Self.

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What Is a Weekend Workshop?

This deep Yogimmersion is appropriate for everyone and every body. The weekend leads you through both asana (poses) and meditation. Whether you have done yoga before or not, you will experience amazing transformation in mind, body and more, all happening from the inside out.

Weekend Workshops are offered at our main campus, as well as hosted by a Svaroopa®yoga teacher near their home. Titles include:

  • Be Your Bliss
  • Choose Joy!
  • Connect with the Power of your Breath
  • The Delight of an Open Spine and Quiet Mind
  • Discover Your Natural State - Bliss!
  • Effortless-Effort - Enhanced & Expanded
  • Find the Unshakable You
  • Flowing with Grace
  • Free to Be
  • Grounded in Your Blissful Self
  • The Inner Sound of Healing: Yoga & Your Breath
  • Know Your Full Potential
  • Lasting Joy Through Yoga
  • More Alive, More Joyous, More You
  • A New Way to See Yourself
  • Peaceful Easy Feeling: A Weekend for Healing, Strength & Peace
  • Profound Rest
  • The Source of Joy
  • Yoga & Meditation: The Bliss of a Quiet Mind
  • The Yoga of Yes
  • Your Heart’s Fullest Capacity

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How Can I Host a Weekend Workshop for My Community?

To bring a Weekend Workshop to your hometown, contact any one of our Weekend Workshop Leaders directly. Click here to read their biographies and email your inquiry.