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Deep Teachings - Online Video Archive

Watch Gurudevi's Sutra Discourses

Our swamis have been video recording Gurudevi’s satsang discourses for years. These videos are now coming out of cloud storage for you to enjoy!

Gurudevi says she watched her Baba being videotaped during hundreds of discourses.  But the videos have never been released.  She wants to give easy access to her teachings.

Deeper Teachings

Now you can delve deeper with Gurudevi. Her sutra discourses are profoundly educational, guiding you through your inner expansion while helping you live a yogic life. 

More than mere teachings, her presence, her love and her light uplift you.  It's called Grace, the contagious power of the mystical knowing that such a Master lives in.

How to Watch

Visit our pay-per-view video site to see many videos from this year and prior.

You simply "rent" a video for $10.80, giving you three days of unlimited access to it.  This is Gurudevi's discourse only, not the full satsang program. The chanting, personal stories, meditation instructions and group meditation are available only when you attend the satsang.  Click for satsang info.

DISCOUNT!  Each video is only $3.78 for Satsang Subscribers, giving you three days of unlimited access. Get your updated discount code in your monthly email, or contact our Enrollment Advisor for it.


Free excerpts from Gurudevi’s discourse continue to be posted on YouTube and on our podcasts. New ones are published every week, to keep everyone in the flow of Grace.


Svaroopa® Yoga

Being carried, being propelled, deeper than you can go on your own - this is what the Guru gives.


Satsang Chants

What is a Satsang?