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We continue to prioritize your safety and that of your loved ones.  The CDC is now recommending indoor masking in areas of substantial risk, which now includes Chester County (see online report).

Effective immediately, masks are required for all on-site programs.  Show your vaccination certificate at the door.   This means you’ve received your final shot and have completed your 14-day waiting period.  Our on-site programs continue as published.

Fortunately, you've now got skills.  You know how to wear a mask and even know that you can breathe with it on!  If you arrive here without a mask, we've got one for you.  Think of it this way, your mask protects others while their mask protects you.  How wonderful it is to take care of others in this simple and easy way.

We've been following CDC guidelines all along.  Our precautions have been successful for over 18 months.  We continue to protect everyone in our care, including students, teachers, staff and the vendors who help us provide our services.  

Of course, our online offerings continue and we're happy to serve you there.  If for some reason you are not able to be vaccinated or prefer not to, you still have a wealth of online programs and freebies to enjoy.

Weekly yoga classes     Calendar of all programs

Our On-Site immersion programs continue as well, again only for those who are fully vaccinated.


We also continue to follow these precautions:

  • When anyone is On-site who is not vaccinated, including vendors and repairmen, masks and social distancing will be required for everyone.
  • Air Sanitizing:  Our classrooms are equipped with state-of-the-art circulation systems which use a high-efficiency filter to circulate the air.  During classes, our air filtration system remains on, which may make the room feel a little cooler than usual.  You may need a light sweater or shawl for comfort.
  • If You Have Symptoms:  Please do not expose us to any possible contagion.  If you have flu-like symptoms or have noticed a loss of your ability to smell or taste, don't come.  Cancel your class or program and tell us why.  You will not be charged any fees.


Pose Adjustments & Personal Assistance:  Your teacher may help you realign your props or pose angles, and she may give you an adjustment to maximize the effects of your practice.  She will be masked.  If you prefer that you not be touched, you will be better served in our online classes.

Bedrooms for Immersion Participants:  While masks are required in our local area, our accommodations are all private rooms, unless you request a shared room with a specific yogi. Bathrooms are still shared, and we provide a personal tote for you to manage your small items.  There is a daily COVID Care fee of $30.00. 

These health precautions are important, even though you lose some of the familial feeling your roommates provide.  This also reduces our On-site program capacity, so register early in order to make sure you get in!

Meal Service (for immersion participants):  Meals are served in personal containers, which are disposable and recyclable (if you rinse them out).  The dining hall is set up for family-type seating.  You have plenty of room to spread out for social distancing, with the additional option of eating outside (weather permitting). 


Please take care when traveling, so you don’t bring the virus in with you.  Being vaccinated doesn’t protect you from picking it up or sharing it; it merely protects you from serious illness due to it.  We appreciate you using your mask and socially distancing during your travels.