Your safety is our primary concern.  We’ve been delighted to serve you online and grateful for the opportunity.  Many of our online offerings will continue while we resume holding in-person programs.  Yet we know we can do so much more for you in-person.  And we miss you! 

We’ve been learning from all the research and announcements and are following all the legal requirements and recommendations.  It was summarized by USA Center for Disease Control (CDC) in June:

In summary, the keys to COVID prevention remain — number one, social distancing.  Number two, frequent hand washing and hand hygiene.  Number three, staying away from others if you’re ill. And number four, properly wearing a face covering when you’re unable to social distance. — Dr. Robert Redfield, CDC Director

Here’s what we’re doing to make your in-person yoga experience safe.  For Travel Precautions, click here.


Urgent Care

We have partnered with Urgent Care for COVID-19 Testing and COVID Antibody Testing.  This medical clinic is across the street from Downingtown Yoga, next to Kimberton Whole Foods.  They accept most insurance and offer a discounted self-pay option for those with no insurance.  They offer walk-in care 7 days a week.

They are following CDC guidelines and procedures, and offer AFCTeleCare where you begin with a telemedicine appointment online. Their physicians bring their emergency room experience, as well as professionalism, compassion, and integrity. We are delighted to have Urgent Care Downingtowna available to bring you the best medical care possible.

The Maids

In addition, we have partnered with The Maids in Downingtown PA, who have been handling our regular cleaning for several years.  All of The Maids cleaners are professionally trained to give you added peace of mind.  Owner Joe Lagore shares, “As part of The Maids’ cleaning process, we use a disinfectant that is effective against the Coronavirus and Influenza viruses and is approved under the EPA’s Emerging Viral Pathogen Guidance. The disinfectant is also listed by The Center for Biocide Chemistries as appropriate to use against COVID-19.  Our teams sanitize and disinfect “high-touch” surfaces and areas throughout during all cleans.” 

The Maids’ solid cleaning process was made for this unprecedented time; using products, equipment, and procedures that make environments healthier and help mitigate the spread of Coronavirus, seasonal flu, and other illnesses. The Maids continues to lead the way in disinfecting for health and Downingtown Yoga is delighted to rely on The Maids’ professional service to protect its students and staff.  The Maids in Downingtown, 837 W Lancaster Ave. in Downingtown PA, can be reached at 610-269-6400 or by visiting



Following CDC protocols, we are prioritizing social distancing, while still actively implementing the use of masks as well as pre-screening and sanitizing.

We need your active participation in each step.  This is how, together, we can make it work for you, for others and for our teachers and staff.  Any guest or student who does not follow these protocols must leave. 

  • Social Distancing:  We have removed tables from our dining hall to spread out the yogis on retreat during their meals and recesses.
  • Small Groups:  We have carefully measured our rooms and marked out “yoga stations,” providing social distancing for your practices.  Pennsylvania State allows us to have a maximum of 25 people gather together, but most of our groups will be 7 or less.
  • Sterilizing Stations:  Use our sanitizing stations often!  Each entry door has hand sanitizer, sanitizing wipes, disposable masks and disposable booties for your feet.  Each yoga room has several bottles of hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes for your convenience. 
  • Air Sanitizing:  Our classrooms are equipped with state-of-the-art circulation systems which use a high-efficiency filter to circulate the air and remove 76% of airborne particles.  During classes, our air filtration system remains on, which may make the room feel a little cooler than usual.  You may need a light sweater or shawl for comfort.
  • If You Have Symptoms:  Please do not expose us to any possible contagion.  If you have flu-like symptoms or have noticed a loss of your ability to smell or taste, don't come.  Cancel your class or program and tell us why.  You will not be charged any fees.
  • Pre-Entry Screening:  We meet you at the door with hand sanitizer.  You must be masked or we give you a disposable mask.  Before entry, we take your temperature with a touchless forehead scanner.  We ask you several health screening questions; your temperature and answers are recorded on our questionnaire and you sign it.  When you remove your shoes, you put on disposable booties (which we provide).
  • Masks are Required:  If you don’t bring one, we provide you with a mask.  For yogis on retreat, mask-free breaks are provided, where you can maintain your social distancing or enjoy our outdoor patio or a short walk to the river or park.  Disposable glasses are also available for additional protection.
  • Booties:  Loose fitting, disposable booties are provided so you can do your yoga shoeless but without risk of exposure or exposing others.
  • Yoga Props: 
    • Bring a hand towel to put under your head or face when lying on the floor.  If you forget, we provide this for you. 
    • We also recommend you bring 2 clean sheets or beach towels.  One is to cover you in Shavasana (if needed), the other is to cover the yoga blankets you are lying or sitting on. 
    • To minimize the use of props, you’ll be doing Shavasana with your legs on a folding chair.
    • After class, you will use sanitizing wipes to clean off the props you’ve used, “paying it forward” for the next student.  Your teacher will assist you if needed.  Yoga blankets that were used are stored in a different room for 4 days to insure safety, as viral contamination lives for only 3 days on such surfaces.
  • Pose Adjustments & Personal Assistance:  Your teacher may help you realign your props or pose angles, and she may give you an adjustment to maximize the effects of your practice.  She will be masked, wearing booties and will sanitize her hands before touching you.  If you prefer that you not be touched, you’re better off in our online classes.
  • Bathroom Cleaning:  We disinfect the bathroom fixtures, door handles and light switches before every class.  Every bathroom has soap as well as disinfectant wipes for your convenience.  We continue to use disposable towels.  Our partnership with The Maids (see above) includes them cleaning daily during retreats and twice-weekly for other programs.
  • COVID Testing:  For retreats lasting longer than 3 days, we require you be tested for COVID-19 upon your arrival in Downingtown.  We provide this medical service at no charge to you and will make all arrangements for you.  Test results are returned within 1-3 days, so that everyone who is infection free can be assured of their safety in the group.  Anyone with a positive test will be retested immediately, due to the problem with false-positives.  Anyone with an active case of COVID must leave.
  • Private Rooms (for retreat participants):  You will have your yogi-bedroom to yourself during the pandemic.  While you lose the familial feeling that roommates can provide, your safety is our priority.  If you would prefer to share your bedroom with someone, we can easily arrange that for you.  Bathrooms are still shared, but you can easily wipe down fixtures and knobs with the sanitizing wipes before and after use.
  • Meal Service (for retreat participants):  Meals are served in personal containers, which are disposable and recyclable (if you rinse them out).  Plastic gloves are provided for your use in food service and cleanup.  The dining hall is set up for social distancing, with the additional option of eating outside (weather permitting).  The CDC recommends that you do not share your food.
  • Overall Cleaning:  Every door handle and light switch is disinfected before every class.  Retreat participants will assist with this as part of their retreat seva, using disposable gloves and eye protection during the cleaning with our provided cleaning supplies.  Wash your hands afterwards!  Every room has hand sanitizer as well as disinfectant wipes for your convenience.  Our partYr programs.


We've researched recommendations for safe travel.  Click here for a summary of information from a number of important websites:,,; and