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Host Support Phone Calls

You are supported in your hosting of Mandali Travels programs by our weekly Host Support phone calls.  We help you with marketing and enrollment in order to create success and long-lasting benefits.  It is your students and guests who benefit the most, while you are inspiring and expanding your student body.. 

This SATYA Marketing Support Program is based in relationship, working with other Hosts along with Ashram Board members and sevites.   We’re excited to bring you this support for a number of reasons:

▼ There’s no better pathway to success than real-time mentoring, problem solving and encouragement. 

▼ Those who best understand what you are doing are the others who are doing the same thing.

▼ They can help you and you can help them.

▼ Together we create success, and even have fun along the way!

How it Works

Beginning eight weeks before your program date, you are eligible to join our weekly phone calls, though not yet required to participate.

Beginning six weeks before your program date, you are required to join the weekly support calls. 

We hope you can participate in all of them, but you must attend at least three in your six weeks before your programs.  The calls are held on varied days and times, so some calls will work better in your schedule than others.  You will receive an email with your call dates as well as the conference calling information.

All the other Hosts with programs happening in the next 1-8 weeks are joining you in this call. 

The calls are led by one or two of our Host Support Team members.

Each leader brings a specific skill set that will expand your knowledge and turn into higher enrollments for your programs.

On the call, each Host has a turn to report on their current enrollments and what they are doing to promote their program.  You may ask questions and get advice from other Hosts as well as offer it to them. 

Our call leaders will also be able to answer questions and offer advice from their experience as successful Hosts in their own right, as well as their knowledge from working with many other Hosts.

Your bonding with other Svaroopa® yoga Hosts is certain to be a meaningful experience, as well as supportive in your program’s success, all of which contributes to your success.

We look forward to having you on our Host Support Phone Calls! 

Questions?  Need Help?

If you have any questions regarding Host Support Phone Calls, please contact:

SheynaPurnaYogyananda (Melissa) Fountain — yogaconnection@hotmail.com;


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