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Ancient Teachings in Our Modern Times

Videos of Gurudevi

Watch her discourses in our Deep Teachings Video Archive. She records two each week, and the archive has several years for you to learn from.


Listen to our "Sound Bites" - one-minute excerpts from Gurudevi's discourses.  They give you something to chew on for a while.

Also enjoy our audios of Gurudevi's monthly Teachings Articles.  You can read the article here, or have it read to you in our podcast.

Ashram Blog

Personal stories, yoga-miracles, latest happenings, upcoming events, delicious vegetarian recipes, teachings on how to live a spiritual lifestyle — Gurudevi and our guest writers keep you inspired and up-to-date on Ashram happenings. SVA Blog


Mystical teachings and how to implement them into your life — this blog is about your spiritual growth.  Our swamis share their story and help you with yours.  YogaMysticism Blog

Traditional Tales from ancient times are retold by Nirooshitha Sethuram, who learned them as a child growing up in Sri Lanka.  They will capture your heart as they propel you into deep spiritual insights.  YogaMysticism Blog

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Svaroopa® Yoga

My Guru said, "What makes you a Master is spending enough time with a Master."  Now we can do it online.  What a boon! - Gurudevi