Meditation:  Deep & Easy

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“These meditation techniques lead me to experience the Self easily and efficiently.” — Shu Lin Chih-Ilson


Live from the deepest dimension of your own being through meditation on the Self. Deepen your inner experience through Svaroopavidya, technology based in yoga’s tantric system. Swami Nirmalananda will make your inner exploration amazingly easy, and guide you in how to bring your new sense of self into your life in its fullness and wholeness. Based in Kashmiri Shaivism, our practices provide amazing results — profound and undeniable inner experiences of your own Divinity.

“This was life changing. I have been searching for something to make my life more centered, balanced and calm. Meditation is the answer.” —Susie Peterson

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Become a Meditation Teacher

“I am passionate about inspiring and supporting others to explore their own potential, and continuing my own journey of healing, transformation and illumination.” — Lynda Jones

Profoundly deepen your own inner experience while you are preparing to teach others. Return home after your 12- day immersion training, ready to teach a Svaroopa® Vidya meditation course with three class meetings, to give your students tools to make their meditation deep and easy from the beginning. Watch them blossom into their own Divine Essence, as you share from your own.

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