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Meditate with a Master

When you dance with a good dancer, you're better at it.  When you sing with a good singer, you're better and you have more fun.  When you meditate with a Meditation Master, you dive deeper within - easily.

Swami Nirmalananda makes meditation deep and easy. This is the specialty of her tradition - to open you up to the deeper dimensionality of your own being. She was taught by a master, who was taught by a master... back through the generations. Lovingly called "Gurudevi," she is a modern-day representative of an ancient yogic tradition.

Gurudevi is Online and On-Site

Join her at a Satsang - a traditional meditation program.  She offers them twice weekly, on Sundays and Wednesdays. On-Site in Downingtown PA is free; Online has a tuition.

She also leads an Online Meditation Club every morning at 6:30 am (Eastern Time). We have yogis joining us from all around the world!

I haven't missed a day, and the benefits of this consistent practice have changed my life! - Susan M.

Free Meditation Intros

We offer one or more of these free intros every month to make it easy for you to get started. 

Meditation Classes & Study Programs

  • Learn to Meditate - three class meetings with discourse, meditation instruction, discussion and individual coaching on how to improve your meditation.
  • Guided Meditations - four class meetings with two guided meditations in each one.  Each class also includes discussions and teachings that deepen your inner experience and your understanding. Check our calendar for upcoming dates.
  • Telecourses with Gurudevi - see our latest menu of available programs for self-paced at-home study.
  • Video Archive - years of Gurudevi's teaching discourses are online for your convenience.  Pick and choose your topic or simply work your way through the series at Deep Teachings.

Retreats & Trainings

Gurudevi's meditation retreats offer a profound initiation into a deeper level of meditation.  The initiation is called "shaktipat", by which she shares enlightenment energy with you - empowering your meditations at a whole new level.  Learn more.

The first thing you do in Meditation Teacher Training is to deepen your own meditation.  Then you learn how to lead others into the infinite space of pure Beingness that is found within.  This is "your own Self."  Learn more about Meditation Teacher Training.   

Svaroopa® Yoga

 Reveals Your Divine Essence

Discover what’s hidden within, the eternal dimension of your own being.  


Meditation Club

Meditation Programs

Shaktipat Retreats

Meditation Teacher Training

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