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Meditation:  Deep & Easy

Experience the deepest dimension of your own being.  Our meditation system specializes in easy access to deep meditation.  Deepen your inner experience through Svaroopa® Vidya, meditative technology based in yoga’s tantric system.

Start in a free program or take one of our meditation courses or a retreat.  We have lots of options for you.

To meditate with Swami Nirmalananda, join us at Swami Sunday or join our Meditation Club.


Free Meditation Programs

Swami Sunday with Gurudevi - includes chanting, a discourse on yogic principles, meditation instruction and group meditation.  On-Site in Downingtown is a free program; Online has an enrollment fee.

Wednesday Chant & Meditation - includes an inspirational quote, long chant and meditation.  On-Site in Downingtown is a free program; Online has an enrollment fee.

We offer one or more of these free intros every month to make it easy for you to get started. 

Classes & Study Programs

I haven't missed a day, and the benefits of this consistent practice have changed my life! - Susan M.

  • Learn to Meditate - three class meetings with discourse, meditation instruction, discussion and individual coaching on how to improve your meditation.
  • Telecourse with Gurudevi - see our latest menu of available programs for self-paced at-home study.
  • Enlightenment Studies - a series of courses that are offered periodically.
    • #1 - To Thine Own Self
    • #2 - Mind over Matter
    • #3 - Illumined Living
    • #4 - Karma & Reincarnation
    • #5 - Accelerating Your Spiritual Growth 
    • #6 - Passionate Enlightenment
    • #7 - Sutras on Pain 
    • #8 - Stairsteps to Transformation

Meditation Retreat

Gurudevi's meditation retreat is a profound initiation into a deeper level of meditation.  The initiation is called "shaktipat", by which she shares enlightenment energy with you - empowering your meditations at a whole new level.  Learn more.

Svaroopa® Yoga

 Reveals Your Divine Essence

Discover what’s hidden within, the eternal dimension of your own being.  


Meditation Club

Meditation Programs

Shaktipat Retreats

Meditation Teacher Training

Vowed Order