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Choose from a variety of membership options which support you in deepening your experience of the Svaroopa® Sciences:

  • Meditation Club is a daily online group meditation with Gurudevi Nirmalananda and our Ashram swamis. 
  • Shishya Membership is a free membership for those who consider themselves to be disciples of Gurudevi Nirmalananda; an application is required.  Shishyas - click here to log into your password-protected pages.
  • SATYA Membership is in the Svaroopa® Association of Teachers and Yogis. This provides a range of support for teaching yoga classes in your community as well as for deepening your own practice. Prerequisite: successful completion of Foundations of Svaroopa® Yoga.  SATYA Members - click here to log into your password-protected pages.
  • Donor Member is a recognition of your monthly financial support of the ashram.  You get discounts on most of our tuitions when you enroll in an autopay of $15 per month donation or more.
  • Our Vowed Order has five levels of participation, including householders as well as swamis. Becoming a Shishya Member (above) is the entry level.