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Downingtown Yoga & Meditation Center

Meditation - the easy way...

The best way to meditate is with an experienced meditator. It's even better when you get pointers about how to make it work - that's what we do in this FREE program for you.  No inner struggle, no patience needed.  Sign up now!

Meditate with a Master

In Zen, you'd want to meditate with the roshi.  In Buddhism, you'd want a buddha or a "cha" (monk).  In yoga, you need a swami.  We've got five of them!  And they're all at our public meditation programs every Sunday. 


 Ancient Wisdom for Our Modern Times

You have lots of info about how to handle life, but not much about the mystical dimensions of your own innermost essence. Begin gathering new info, a better quality of stuff to fill your mind - the yogic teachings.  Swami Nirmalananda has published over 300 articles for you to explore.


It's an Oral Tradition

Put in your earbuds and listen to the teachings - hundreds of audios are online for you, recorded on Swami Sunday. Find out who you really are by following the breadcrumb trail laid out by the tantric sages. It guides you inside to your own Divine Is-ness, while explaining the process and goal.


Svaroopa® Vidya Meditation

How do you say it?

swa-ROO-paw ViD-yaw

Why such a funny name?

It means the “inner knowing of your own being.” That’s what you get — beginning with your very first meditation.

What is a meditation program like?

This user-friendly meditation system provides deep and organic inner experiences from your first meditation.

In a program, your teacher begins with a welcome and orientation. She gives teachings from the yogic sutras, made relevant with real-life examples and stories. Instruction in how to meditate is followed by a group meditation. Some of our programs include group chanting and/or discussion.

How do I start?

On-Site or Online, we offer many free programs as well as courses.

Or start with our free online resources, including podcasts and teaching articles.

For personal assistance, call us at 610.806.2119 or email programs@svaroopayoga.org.

Where are you?

We are located in Downingtown PA, near Philadelphia. Our online classes and freebies are accessible world-wide.

Check our Teacher Directory for a meditation teacher near you.

What about yoga classes?

Find out about our yoga classes here.

Svaroopa® Yoga

Focused on Enlightenment

This is about your enlightenment. That's what Great Masters do - focus on your process and attainment. If you allow.